Thesis, Capstone, SAD and Software Engineering Project

Completed Thesis, Capstone, SAD and Software Engineering Project with Source code and Documents

Visual Basic Project (VB6,

  1. LAN Based Canteen Management System
  2. Sales and Inventory Management System
  3. Time-in and Time-out Monitoring System
  4. Patient Record System with Decision Support System
  5. Interactive Math Game
  6. General Service Office (GSO) Automated Inventory and Monitoring System of Materials and Equipments
  7. Transcript of Records Management System
  8. School Management System (User’s Manual)
  9. Voting System
  10. Herbal Plants and Medicinal Usage Information and Archiving System
  11. Thesis Archiving System
  12. Teller’s Queuing System Using Barcode Technology
  13. Library System with Computer Usage Time Monitoring
  14. Dynamic Grading System
  15. Barangay Resident Information System with Blotter and Certificate Issuance System
  16. Inventory Management System
  17. Parish Record Keeping System
  18. Barangay Health Center Records Information System
  19. Lan Based Classroom Management System
  20. Computerized Clinic and Medical Records Management System
  21. Enrollment System with Faculty Subject Loading and Class Sectioning
  22. High School Grade Record Keeping with Report Card Generator
  23. Library Book Catalog Information System
  24. Business Permit with Assessment and Payment System
  25. PE Tools Inventory Management System
  26. Daily Time Record System
  27. Science Learning Game
  28. Drugstore Point of Sale System
  29. Rice Inventory and Point of Sale System
  30. Grading System
  31. Student Council Voting System
  32. Faculty Evaluation System
  33. Loaning System
  34. Pizza Ordering
  35. Student Information System
  36. Water Billing System
  37. Class Scheduling System
  38. Student Assessment and Payment System
  39. Dictionary Program
  40. Hotel Reservation System
  41. Entrance Examination System
  42. Registrar Grade Record Keeping System
  43. Payroll System
  44. Login-Logout Monitoring System
  45. Library System

Web (PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, JQuery)

  1. Elearning System for Filipino Subject
  2. Web Based Barangay Management System (User’s Manual)
  3. Math Learning App
  4. Grading System with Online Grade Viewing
  5. Web and Mobile Based Entrance Examination with SMS Notification
  6. Web Based Library System
  7. Web Based Grading System for High School
  8. Web Based Filing Management System
  9. Web Based Dynamic voting system
  10. Hotel Reservation and Billing System With Android App
  11. Simple Email like messaging system in CodeIgniter
  12. Chemicals and Lab Equipment Inventory System
  13. Shopping Cart System
Thesis, Capstone, SAD and Software Engineering Project
Thesis, Capstone, SAD and Software Engineering Project
  1. Psychology App in JQuery Mobile and Phonegap
  2. Web and Mobile Based COMMON AILMENT REMEDIES
  3. Android Based Translator App Jquery Mobile and Apache Cordova
  4. Android Based First-Aid App in jQuery Mobile
  5. Unit Converter in jQuery Mobile
  6. Android Based Learning App for Criminology Students

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