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Thesis, Capstone, SAD and Software Engineering Project

Thesis, Capstone, SAD and Software Engineering Project

Completed Thesis, Capstone, SAD and Software Engineering Project with Source code and Documents

Visual Basic Project (VB6,

  1. LAN Based Canteen Management System
  2. Sales and Inventory Management System
  3. Time-in and Time-out Monitoring System
  4. Patient Record System with Decision Support System
  5. Interactive Math Game
  6. General Service Office (GSO) Automated Inventory and Monitoring System of Materials and Equipments
  7. Transcript of Records Management System
  8. School Management System (User’s Manual)
  9. Voting System
  10. Herbal Plants and Medicinal Usage Information and Archiving System
  11. Thesis Archiving System
  12. Teller’s Queuing System Using Barcode Technology
  13. Library System with Computer Usage Time Monitoring
  14. Dynamic Grading System
  15. Barangay Resident Information System with Blotter and Certificate Issuance System
  16. Inventory Management System
  17. Parish Record Keeping System
  18. Barangay Health Center Records Information System
  19. Lan Based Classroom Management System
  20. Computerized Clinic and Medical Records Management System
  21. Enrollment System with Faculty Subject Loading and Class Sectioning
  22. High School Grade Record Keeping with Report Card Generator
  23. Library Book Catalog Information System
  24. Business Permit with Assessment and Payment System
  25. PE Tools Inventory Management System
  26. Daily Time Record System
  27. Science Learning Game
  28. Drugstore Point of Sale System
  29. Rice Inventory and Point of Sale System
  30. Grading System
  31. Student Council Voting System
  32. Faculty Evaluation System
  33. Loaning System
  34. Pizza Ordering
  35. Student Information System
  36. Water Billing System
  37. Class Scheduling System
  38. Student Assessment and Payment System
  39. Dictionary Program
  40. Hotel Reservation System
  41. Entrance Examination System
  42. Registrar Grade Record Keeping System
  43. Payroll System
  44. Login-Logout Monitoring System
  45. Library System

Elearning System for Filipino using PHP and MySQL

Level 1 Data Flow Diagram of Elearning System in Filipino

Elearning System for Filipino using PHP and MySQL

             Requirements of this phase include system functionalities to define what functions are to be included in the developed system to satisfy the needs of the teachers and students in teaching and learning Filipino subject; and constraints that the end-user (who will be using the system) expects from the system.

System Functionality

Administration – The Game developed has an admin user and password. It has a databank (quiz, uploaded videos, lessons) that can be manipulated and maintained by the admin. The administrator also can modify the quiz setting system.

User – Interaction between the games and the students is one of the features of the system. The student could access the game then view records.

Online Crime and Incident Reporting with SMS Notification

Online Crime and Incident Reporting with SMS Notification

Online Crime and Incident Reporting with SMS Notification


Online Crime and Incident Reporting is a web based project developed in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap. The said project has a SMS notification feature using the iTexMo SMS API. This project aims to develop an online system where the users can report crimes, incidents and complaints directly to the police departments. The application has a centralized database for storing and for easy retrieval of crime reports. With the implementation of this project, the researchers believe that this will promote better service in terms of speed and accuracy of reports.

Grocery Product Locator Kiosk with Mobile Application

Grocery Product Locator Kiosk with Mobile Application

Grocery Product Locator Kiosk with Mobile Application

Statement of the Problem

The purpose of this study is to design a Grocery Product Locator Kiosk with mobile app that will give solution to the problem of the customer in terms of searching a product in a certain Aisle.

In order to determine the importance of having this application, the researchers were able to formulate the following questions:

  1. How can the concept of Android and web programming be used in the field of the digital information dissemination?
  2. What design would best suit for the targeted users and in the functions of the mobile applications?

Mobile Application for Hotel Reservation System Using Android Technology

Context Diagram of the proposed system

Chapter 3 Mobile Application for Hotel Reservation System Using Android Technology

3.1 Introduction
Mobile Application for Hotel Reservation System Using Android Technology the proponents will going to build and troubleshoot for all the problems previously mentioned in problem specification. The system will be implementing with more additional features that will support in achieving future goals of the hotel.
The system database will store all the details and information about the reservations, guests, room services/types and staff details in a convenient manner. Database makes retrieval of data efficient and accurate. Reservations of the hotel can be done in a single click. After checking availability for rooms, single or group reservation can be made after entering details. System has a function to automatically calculate the bill according to the predefined charges set to items and rooms. Security is provided to our system by having database backup and restores system. The customer can create an account in order to make a reservation.
The proponent is going to upgrade the quality of the hotel and simplifies the matters or the problem of the current manual system.

Web-Based Patient Information System User’s Manual


Web-Based Patient Information System User’s Manual

  1. Accounts and Login

The Web-Based Patient Information System has default admin account with the username: admin and password: password. These account are used to manage the system, you modify its details or create another account as you like.

Login Form

Login Form

Provide the admin account to the login page and click the sign in button to login.

Electronic Voting System

Project Context

(state your school or institution) is using the traditional way of voting in their election process where students will have to line up and register their name before they can vote. The students will collect their ballot, write their chosen candidate, submit their ballot, and have their fingernails inked. The counting of process is another problem. After the given election period, the members of the electoral board will have to count the votes manually which is a very tedious task and is prone to errors. Thus, manual counting may result to inaccurate and unreliable results.

Joomla Tutorials Compilation

Joomla Tutorials Compilation

Here are the list of our Joomla Lessons and Tutorials

  1. Introduction to Joomla Content Management System
  2. Installing Joomla on WAMP server
  3. Joomla Core Components
  4. Joomla Core Modules
  5. The Frontend and Backend of Joomla
  6. Joomla Control Panel
  7. Joomla Tutorial – Creating Section
  8. Joomla Tutorial – Creating Categories
  9. Joomla Tutorial – Creating Articles
  10. Joomla Tutorial – Joomla Users

Joomla Tutorial – Joomla Users

In this lesson we are going to learn what the different classifications of users in Joomla are.

In Joomla there are two classifications of user groups:

Back-end user groups consist of Manager, Administrator, and Super Administrator. Back-end users can create, edit and update content in your site by logging into the administration control panel of your Joomla site.

  • Managers: they have the privilege to access the content in the Backend. They can manage articles, sections and categories but they do not have access to user management and other components of Joomla like installing a component or modules.
  • Administrator: they have access to most of the functions of Joomla except that they can’t modify the site template and global configuration. They can manage users except for the Super Administrator.
  • Super Administrator: all of the functions in Joomla are given to this user group. Only another Super Administrator can modify a Super Administrator user account

Joomla Tutorial – Creating Articles

Joomla Tutorial – Creating Article

In this lesson we are going to learn how to create an Article in Joomla.

Here are the steps in creating an Article in Joomla:

1.  Login first in the backend site of Joomla or the Administration site (http://localhost/joomla/administrator).

2. You will be prompted to enter the username and password. Enter the valid username and password and click the login button.