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  2. Hi am Teejaygenius on sourcecodester.com I saw one of your codes titled Hotel check in and Check out. Please I want to know if you have done any work on Examination time table generation be it web application or a standalone with vb6 or vb.net. I am a fellow programmer and only needs idea to have a better start up on the project Thanks.

  3. good morning sir/ma’am this is eddieson from barangay carreta. i have a concern can i have your contact no. and the name of the designated person.

  4. Hello, may I ask the researcher for this “Online School Documents Processing System Capstone Project”, we badly needed it for citation, hopefully it will be address, thank you.

    1. that project is only a template. you need to upload the folder into your root directory. htdocs if you are using xampp

  5. hi. i need the name of the publisher of this website may iknow ur name for capstone refference. thank u

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