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  2. Hi am Teejaygenius on sourcecodester.com I saw one of your codes titled Hotel check in and Check out. Please I want to know if you have done any work on Examination time table generation be it web application or a standalone with vb6 or vb.net. I am a fellow programmer and only needs idea to have a better start up on the project Thanks.

  3. good morning sir/ma’am this is eddieson from barangay carreta. i have a concern can i have your contact no. and the name of the designated person.

  4. Hello, may I ask the researcher for this “Online School Documents Processing System Capstone Project”, we badly needed it for citation, hopefully it will be address, thank you.

    1. that project is only a template. you need to upload the folder into your root directory. htdocs if you are using xampp

    2. Good evning po! I need the name of the publisher of the ff. Capstone.
      1.class scheduling using genetic algorithm
      2. school portal kit
      3.student academic peformance tracking and monitoring system
      4.student information management with Decision support system
      5.Document Archiving and Profiling gor Deped.
      Thank you!

      1. Good day, please check the articles itself, the authors/developers were given proper credits for every article. if none, then the project was created by inetutor.com

  5. hi. i need the name of the publisher of this website may iknow ur name for capstone refference. thank u

  6. Hy, Sir I’m student of University of agriculture Faisalabad(pakistan) and student of BS(computer science). I want documentation of face recognition attendance system in php because you write documentation will be provided on Request! i request you to plz provide me documentation. I’m very grateful to you! Thanks!


  7. Good day! I am currently studying BSIT. I just want to ask what kind of database you use in this project. OJt Timesheet. Thank you

  8. hello sir am student of final year in information system and am doing on project of online student clearance and i just need if you can share with me the codes so i can complete it

  9. Good day sir, I am currently conducting a capstone project similar to one of your, so can I have a copy of chapter 1-5 for medical dictionary application?

  10. Hey There, I am currently conducting a capstone project which is about the clearance system. if you don’t mind I want to get the documentation of the project which is named Student-And-Faculty-Clearance I need it as soon as possible. Thank you.

  11. Hello please can I get a video on how the Face Recognition Attendance system Application was done. I really need it for my final year project. Please if anything here is my email biekpe.ghana@gmail. Thank you.

  12. I need complete documentation of Crowdfunding project for understanding please share with me as I am working on it so I need to know about the programming languages, frameworks, tools used and many more about the project.

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