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Payroll System Database Design

Payroll System Table Relationship

Title: Payroll System Database Design


Automated Payroll system is an application that will manage and compute the employee’s salary. It connects information throughout the entire company. It is the easiest way to cater these needs. Computerize systems is typically simplify information, Quickly organize reports, automatically archive data, calculate deductions, easily track clock in/out and minimize manual efforts.

Simplified and quickly organize data is advantageous in many ways. Such as integrated the payroll figures into easy to read platform to ensure everything is accounted for, thus minimizing risks of valid or missed numbers. The systems include updating of records of the employees preparing payroll sheet & pay slips. Updating records is automatically updated and stored on host computers where it can be review or amended by a manager or supervisor to ensure the accuracy & consistency of the records of the employees. Preparing payroll sheet is a document which all information’s of employees are recorded including name, address, id, number, position of employee.

Attendance Monitoring System Database Design

Attendance Monitorig System Table Relationship

Title: Attendance Monitoring System Database Design


The system Supreme Student Council (SSC) Student Activity Bar coding Attendance and Monitoring System has the ability to automate and increase the speed and security in terms of monitoring the attendance. The SSC members/Students will both have benefit for a reason that they will not do the same process they are using in every transaction. Instead of doing the usual way or the manual system of monitoring the attendance, they can now use a Graphical User Interface (GUI) all they have to do is to use the mouse, keyboard and barcode scanner to automate every transaction.

Library System Database Design

Library System Table Relationship

Title: Library System Database Design


The Library System is a computer-based application used to automate a library. It allows the librarian to maintain the information about books, magazines and other library materials. It also allows the librarian to maintain and organize the information about its clientele or borrowers.

This project focuses on the automation of system process of adding newly acquired books, borrowing books and borrower’s information, returning of books, searching for the location of the books and printing of the inventory of books in the library.

Sales and Inventory System Database Design

Sales and Inventory System Table Relationship

Title:  Sales and Inventory System Database Design


The main objective of the study is to develop and implement computerized sales and inventory with decision support system. The development of this project started with the proponent’s statement of the problem which includes general and specific problems that the current processes of the owner/company encountered. These problems were acquired through different data determination techniques such as observation, interviews, and surveys. Upon knowing the problems and formulating the objectives of the development, the proponents set the scope and limitations of the developed system to determine what the system would be like.

The proponents will create a module that will integrate the Point of Sales and for the availability of the products. The proponents will use MySQL that will serve as the database and querying of the tables. The proponents will also use Visual Basic for building an application for this module.

City Social Welfare and Development Office Data Archiving Information System

City Social Welfare and Development Office Data Archiving Information System User Interface

City Social Welfare and Development Office Data Archiving Information System


The existing technology of City Social welfare and Development Office Data archiving Information System is adequate enough for implementation of the new software. City Social welfare and Development Office Data archiving Information System can only be accessed by an authorize user. Authorize users are prompt by the system to enter the username and password. The system administrator is the one who is allowed to provide user access to other users of the system.

On the software development and implementation of City Social welfare and Development Office Data archiving Information System, the researchers e employed the modified waterfall model in which is seen as the flowing steadily downwards (like waterfall) through the phases of conception, initiation analysis, design, construction, testing, production, implementation and the maintenance.

LAN-Based Electronic Medical Record System

Medical Record System

LAN-based Electronic Medical Record System

Purpose and Description

To develop a LAN-based Electronic Medical Record System that will benefit the patients of Medical Lab Clinic. The system includes billing, laboratory results and history of doctor’s prescriptions.

The objectives of the Electronic Medical Record System would be:

  • To have a LAN-Based Record System that will monitor the patient’s record and doctor’s appointments.
  • To easily retrieve patient’s record

Teller’s Queuing System User’s Manual

Step by Step Tutorial on how to operate the system

In opening the system, a pop-up window will appear to select the type of account you will use.

  1. Click Admin Menu
  2. And, click Student menu
  1. Open the registration using the admin form
    Queuing System Startup Form

    Queuing System Startup Form


    Queuing System Admin Panel

    Queuing System Admin Panel

  2. The form for the student can now be operated

Barangay Health Center Information System

Barangay Health Center Information System

Barangay Health Center Information System


The Barangay Health Center is using a manual system in terms of implementing medical services, health programs, health monitoring and profiling. These transactions as implemented by a midwife in-charge in a barangay health station are done manually.

The different processes involved in health programs are: immunization, tuberculosis, and family planning; medical services involve medical care, consultation, child care, postpartum, and prenatal; health monitoring involves users, early childhood care and development, morbidity, and animal bite; and profiling involves family profile.

Daily Time Record Automation

Main Form of DTR System


Technology has been rapidly moving towards the modern world. The rapid growth of technology-based type of system influenced the procedures of business establishments, workgroups, institutions, and companies, not only in the private sector but also in the public sector.

Having this kind of technology and being in the field of computer science, the focus must be on how this certain type of technology will affect the procedures being made by a particular institution upon its implementation.

Integrated Enrolment with Student Kiosk System

School Management System - Student Ledger Module

Integrated Enrollment with Student Kiosk System

Scope of the Project

This study seeks to develop a system that will address the following:

  • To implement a fast, easy and systematic way of conducting student profiling, enrolment, and assessment.
  • To properly manage the enrolment process in a well-organized manner.
  • To generate quickly a correct, accurate and reliable enrolment and assessment report of a student.
  • To generate instantly needed summarized and accomplishment reports.