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LAN-Based Electronic Medical Record System

Medical Record System

LAN-based Electronic Medical Record System

Purpose and Description

To develop a LAN-based Electronic Medical Record System that will benefit the patients of Medical Lab Clinic. The system includes billing, laboratory results and history of doctor’s prescriptions.

The objectives of the Electronic Medical Record System would be:

  • To have a LAN-Based Record System that will monitor the patient’s record and doctor’s appointments.
  • To easily retrieve patient’s record

Teller’s Queuing System User’s Manual

Step by Step Tutorial on how to operate the system

In opening the system, a pop-up window will appear to select the type of account you will use.

  1. Click Admin Menu
  2. And, click Student menu
  1. Open the registration using the admin form
    Queuing System Startup Form

    Queuing System Startup Form


    Queuing System Admin Panel

    Queuing System Admin Panel

  2. The form for the student can now be operated

Barangay Health Center Information System

Barangay Health Center Information System

Barangay Health Center Information System


The Barangay Health Center is using a manual system in terms of implementing medical services, health programs, health monitoring and profiling. These transactions as implemented by a midwife in-charge in a barangay health station are done manually.

The different processes involved in health programs are: immunization, tuberculosis, and family planning; medical services involve medical care, consultation, child care, postpartum, and prenatal; health monitoring involves users, early childhood care and development, morbidity, and animal bite; and profiling involves family profile.

Daily Time Record Automation

Main Form of DTR System


Technology has been rapidly moving towards the modern world. The rapid growth of technology-based type of system influenced the procedures of business establishments, workgroups, institutions, and companies, not only in the private sector but also in the public sector.

Having this kind of technology and being in the field of computer science, the focus must be on how this certain type of technology will affect the procedures being made by a particular institution upon its implementation.

Integrated Enrolment with Student Kiosk System

School Management System - Student Ledger Module

Integrated Enrollment with Student Kiosk System

Scope of the Project

This study seeks to develop a system that will address the following:

  • To implement a fast, easy and systematic way of conducting student profiling, enrolment, and assessment.
  • To properly manage the enrolment process in a well-organized manner.
  • To generate quickly a correct, accurate and reliable enrolment and assessment report of a student.
  • To generate instantly needed summarized and accomplishment reports.

Queuing System Using Smart Card or Barcode Technology

Queuing System Using Smart Card or Barcode Technology

Queuing System Using Smart Card or Barcode Technology develops to create a well-organize line-up of the students in their every transaction to the college tellers. The said institution uses the very common sequence that may see in our everyday life.

The proposed system entitled Queuing System Using Smart Card or Barcode Technology can make the teller faster in their works because the said system can manipulate or handle the students in the way that they don’t have to personally knock on the teller’s window just to give their names and transact their school payments. This is truly that the Queuing System Using Smart Card or Barcode Technology gives improvement and the processing will make less time and effort to the college tellers in the payments operation.

Thesis Archiving Management System

Project Context

This system has been developed to provide a management in records. The system gave help to maintain, preserve undergraduate and graduate thesis and remain retrieval for as long as they are required. The focus of this particular system concerns electronic record keeping concepts that need to be understood in the larger context of record information management, electronic record management, and other aspects of information technology. In addition this system is design for managing and maintaining the records.

Information Kiosk System For College Activities


Info Kiosk can make a great way in updating students of any activities of school campus. Now a days, common problems faced by the student are lack of information in updating their different activities. So with the help of this system, the students now are update in an early time of information. Unfortunately, most of the school cannot afford to implement such system in a cheaper way. Preferably, in terms of daily updating of information, an Information Kiosk system can really help for a productive school. That is why this study is conducted to build such systems reliable and cheaper enough to be trusted by the student and school. It would be the best and easy to use this information kiosk system.

Business Permit and Monitoring System

Business Permit with Assessment and Payment System Free Download Complete Source code


Business Permit refers to the procedures followed by cities and municipalities in processing business permits (more commonly known as Mayor’s Permit) which must be secured by businessmen to operate legally in a locality.

Business permits regulate safety, structure and appearance of the business community. They act as proof that your business follows certain laws and ordinances. Requirements vary by jurisdiction, and failure to comply often results in fines or even having your business shut down.

Bus Terminal Toll Management System

Purpose and Description

The terminal is new to the city so it does not use any system and is currently not using any technology. It only uses paper, log books and pen to record the information of the vehicle. The problem with the terminal that has no system is that the records can be misplaced because it is only recorded on log books. Also, the terminal does not have the records of the plate numbers of the vehicles that enters the said establishment. Information can be manipulated due to unsecured method that is being done through pen and paper only. Logbooks are not that secured for it could be misplaced or damaged because it is a concrete document.