School Event Attendance Monitoring System Capstone Project

School Event Attendance Monitoring System Capstone Project

The capstone project entitled “School Event Attendance Monitoring System” will utilize a barcode reader for the attendance since the identification card of the students has currently a barcode label attached to it. The value of the barcode is equivalent to their id number which is unique for every student of the institution. The capstone project is available in Visual Basic and MS Access version, Visual Basic and MySQL version and web based version using PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap.

School Event Attendance Monitoring System Capstone Project
School Event Attendance Monitoring System Capstone Project


The School Event Attendance Monitoring System will serve as a platform to monitor students’ attendance during school events. The system will improve the process of checking the attendance of the students and monitor their attendance in every school event. The list of the students, officers, and events will be stored in the system wherein the officers will have an access and will be in charge in monitoring the attendance of the students every school event.

The system will improve the manual process of monitoring the attendance of students during school events. The manual processes which are mostly done by hand are prone to human errors. The officer in charge in monitoring may make a mistake in monitoring and keeping records of the students present in the event. There is also loads of paperwork and it is very time consuming. The manual process is very ineffective and out-dated.

The School Event Attendance Monitoring System will provide solution for these problems seen in the manual process. It will be easier to monitor the attendance using the system. The system will be responsible in keeping the records of students present during the school event. The process of monitoring will also be paperless which will lessen the time spent and hassle of the officer in charge.

Objectives of the Study

  1. The system will serve as platform wherein the students’ attendance during school events will be monitored.
  2. The system can be easily used and accessible by the officer in charge.
  3. The system will lessen the error in keeping students record of attendance.
  4. The system will make the monitoring hassle-free and consume lesser time spent on it.
  5. The system will provide a credible list of students who attended every school event.

Significance of the Study

Students. This is very useful for students especially to those who are actively attending school events; there effort will not be put in vain because there attendance will be securely recorded.

Teacher/Officer In-charge. This will help them check and monitor the students’ attendance easily. They will have less paper work because the system already stored the information that is supposedly done via hard copy in the manual process. This system will help them lessen the time they spent in checking and monitoring their students’ attendance.

Researchers. The study is a way to show the skills of the researchers in terms of computer programming, problem analysis and research related skills such as the preparation of documents, tabulating and presentation of the results and data gathering techniques and procedures.

Future Researchers. The output of this capstone project will serve as a guide and reference for the future students and researchers. The study can also be upgraded, updated and revised if they chose to conduct a similar study to this capstone project.

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