Prison Management System in PHP and MySQL

Prison Management System in PHP and MySQL


Computer nowadays is a basic need for business on companies. It helps a lot in such a way that it makes work more progressive and productive. It is an important thing that company or small business should have because it helps a lot in many ways such as organizing, storing and manipulating data. Having computer programs may help a company grow bigger and be competitive in the flow of the business world. It helps a lot because almost all the companies nowadays use computers literate and very competitive in many aspects. Most of this day, people are using the internet for communicating. The usefulness of internet has increased greatly in recent years allowing users to perform more tasks in a web context. This increase in usefulness has come at the expense of the usability of the internet in some contexts.

Record Keeping is one of the most problematic processes of any organizations. Most of the police stations and BJMP (Bureau of Jail Management and Penology) are using the folder and cabinet method of storing and archiving information. This manual method works but it is very inefficient and time consuming.

The Prison Management System will address the problems and improve the performance of the management specifically in records management.

Objectives of the Study:

The main objective of the study is to design and develop an information system that will help organize the records of prisoners.

Specifically, the study aims to:

  1. Proper monitoring and archiving of records using database technology
  2. Provide a search feature to easily look for the records
  3. To develop an application to minimize the paper works
  4. To provide back-up facility of records

Significance of the Study

The outcome of this study will be beneficial to the following group of people:

Researchers – this project will help the researchers to utilize their skills in research and in software development.

Future Researchers – this Prison Management System will help future researchers in their study and will be able to get information and will serve as a guide in order to enhance their project.

BJMP Administrators – this will help improve their records management that will contribute to the overall efficiency of their business process.

Features and Modules of the project

Prisoner Details – this module will allow the users of the system to records the personal details of the prisoner that includes the name, address, contact, case, etc.

Guard Details – this module will allow the users of the system to encode the records of guards/police officers.

Schedule of Duty – this is the module wherein the users can set the shifting of duty of the guards and police officer.

Reports Module – the module that will print the records of prisoners.

Note: other features will be incorporated based on the suggestion of the client.

Software Development Life Cycle

In Quick Analysis and Design phase, all information will be gathered and will be analyzed. The design of the system will happen in this phase. In the Build phase, coding of the system happens here. This involves the programming languages and other components to develop the system. In Quick Test, the system will be tested if all necessary functions are present in the system. If the system has not met the necessary functions, the next phase will be the Refine Phase. This involves the modification or improvement of the system to meet the objectives. After the Refine phase, this will proceed to the Build Phase again then to the Quick Test. This process will repeat if the system still does not comply with the necessary requirements. When the system passes the Quick Test phase, the next phase will be the Testing and Evaluation. The system will be tested and evaluated by the respondents or end-users of the system.

Development Tools:

PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap

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