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A Design of an Online Expert System for Clinic

A Design of an Online Expert System

A Design of an Online Expert System for Clinic

Project Context

Expert System is one of the most common applications of artificial intelligence. It is a computer program that simulates the decision and actions of a person or an association that has specialist facts and experience in a particular field. Normally, such a system contains a knowledge base containing accumulated experience and a set of rules for applying the knowledge base to each particular situation. The major features of expert system are user interface, data representation, inference, explanations etc. Advantages of expert system are increased reliability, reduced errors, reduced cost, multiple expertise, intelligent database, reduced danger etc. Disadvantages of expert system are absence of common sense and no change with changing environment. Expert systems are software systems that can be compared to human experts. Their purpose is mostly advisory. Besides, they give explanation and advice to human experts when performing certain tasks. They are intelligent information systems, and are capable to explain and justify their conclusions. There are several types of problems that can be solved using knowledge-based systems. Durkin listed different application areas, including business, which encompasses marketing, management, finance, accounting, medical, etc. for doing control, design, diagnosis, instruction, interpretation, monitoring, planning, prediction, prescription, selection, detection, evaluation, computation, and classification. In addition to the expert systems that have applications in different areas of medicine, a variety of medical expert systems tools are available and can function as intelligent assistants to clinicians, helping in diagnostic processes, laboratory analysis, treatment protocol, and teaching of medical students and residents . Expert systems also have certain bad features such as they cannot examine a patient instead of physicians. Finally, expert system that is good for one certain field is often not good for another one. They may confuse a physician and make him/her commit wrong decisions practically under time stress. The primary goal of this research is to develop expert system applying recent medical errors classification and adverse events that are encountered in current medical practice to present some advice that might help to prevent those medical errors.(International Journal of Software Engineering & Applications (IJSEA), Vol.4, No.6, November 2013)

Transcript of Records Management System

TOR Management System Manual

  • When you start the system, you will be prompted to enter your username and password through the login screen. Please enter the correct credentials.

Refer to the screenshot below.

TOR System Login Form

TOR System Login Form

After providing the correct information, press the login button to login to the system.

After you login, you will be redirected to the main screen which contains all the navigation all throughout the system.

LAN-Based Electronic Medical Record System

Medical Record System

LAN-based Electronic Medical Record System

Purpose and Description

To develop a LAN-based Electronic Medical Record System that will benefit the patients of Medical Lab Clinic. The system includes billing, laboratory results and history of doctor’s prescriptions.

The objectives of the Electronic Medical Record System would be:

  • To have a LAN-Based Record System that will monitor the patient’s record and doctor’s appointments.
  • To easily retrieve patient’s record

Tabulation System Database Schema and System Features

Tabulation System

Tabulation System Database Schema and System Features

Database Schema

Manage Schedule of Activities (activityid, datefrom, date to, activity name, description)

Manage Events (eventid, date, name of event, description)

Manage Contestant (contestantid, name, department, eventid)

Manage Judges (judegeid, judgename, username, password)

Manage Criteria (criteriaid, criterianame, percentage, eventid)

Manage Scores (scoreid, eventid, judgeid, criteriaid, contestandid, score, category, date)

1KWORDS – Picture Guessing Game (Web and Android Version)


1KWORDS – Picture Guessing Game (Web and Android Version)

Background of the Study

Games are a regular part of students’ lives, no matter what their grade level. Students play games throughout the day on their computers, the Internet, and their cell phones. A computer game combines all the elements of a great story — adventure, danger, colorful and daring characters and a plot — with enhanced computer graphics and interactivity (Crosby, 2016).

An example of this are word games these are puzzles that rely aupon a player’s language ability to solve them. They can be competitive games where one player’s skill is pitted against another’s as in Hangman, Scrabble or charades; or they may have a player to solve the puzzle creator’s challenge like in crosswords. Word games are found in almost all written languages and are widely regarded as both entertainment and education (Downloadfreegames.com, 2016).

Android Based Translator App Jquery Mobile and Apache Cordova

Translator app list of words

Android Based Translator App Jquery Mobile and Apache Cordova


In recent years, there is a rapid development of technology. One of the notable technologies which is gaining a fast pace popularity in the global consumer market is the mobile technology. In the survey report of Mark Page and Dr. Maria Molina (2013), there were 3.2 billion mobile subscribers, or nearly half the 7 billion world’s population. This is a significant achievement and it also demonstrates greater opportunity to bring the social and economic benefits of mobile technology to the rest of the world. Thus, giving users not just access to information but better experience in accessing information at their finger tips anytime and anywhere.

Web Based Student Tracking Performance System

Web Based Student Tracking Performance System

Web Based Student Tracking Performance System

Project Context

Information technologies offer new ways to communicate, collaborate and participate in learning processes. Since technology is changing the methods through which education is delivered, colleges and universities across the world are confronting several transformations which affect the nature of the courses and degree programs they offer. These technological innovations have also driven the growth of distance learning opportunities, as students who are time bound –due to job or personal responsibilities or place bound–due to geographic location or physical disabilities– can now access courses and degree programs at their convenience. Because of the rapid growth of distance and global education, e-learning models are currently practiced widely all over the world. As some authors point out, “e-learning models can provide high quality educational offerings at the same time they allow for convenient and flexible learning environments without space, distance or time restrictions”

Mobile Application for Hotel Reservation System Using Android Technology

Context Diagram of the proposed system

Chapter 3 Mobile Application for Hotel Reservation System Using Android Technology

3.1 Introduction
Mobile Application for Hotel Reservation System Using Android Technology the proponents will going to build and troubleshoot for all the problems previously mentioned in problem specification. The system will be implementing with more additional features that will support in achieving future goals of the hotel.
The system database will store all the details and information about the reservations, guests, room services/types and staff details in a convenient manner. Database makes retrieval of data efficient and accurate. Reservations of the hotel can be done in a single click. After checking availability for rooms, single or group reservation can be made after entering details. System has a function to automatically calculate the bill according to the predefined charges set to items and rooms. Security is provided to our system by having database backup and restores system. The customer can create an account in order to make a reservation.
The proponent is going to upgrade the quality of the hotel and simplifies the matters or the problem of the current manual system.

Teller’s Queuing System User’s Manual

Step by Step Tutorial on how to operate the system

In opening the system, a pop-up window will appear to select the type of account you will use.

  1. Click Admin Menu
  2. And, click Student menu
  1. Open the registration using the admin form
    Queuing System Startup Form

    Queuing System Startup Form


    Queuing System Admin Panel

    Queuing System Admin Panel

  2. The form for the student can now be operated

 Teller’s Queuing System Using Barcode Technology Free Download

Queuing system


Your school is now using a very useful system that is very applicable for the growing population of students, for it is now very useful in releasing student’s assessments but somehow, still there is always a problem especially when enrollments and examinations comes and that is manipulating the line-up of the students.

In operating our proposed system which is Teller’s Queuing System Using Barcode Technology is just simple as writing your name. Using the barcode reader the system may now be operated by swiping the barcode of the identification card of every student.