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iFan: Mobile Based Ceiling and Electric Fan Control System using Arduino

iFan Mobile Based Ceiling and Electric Fan Control System using Arduino

iFan: Mobile Based Ceiling and Electric Fan Control System using Arduino

The project is a system that will be able to monitor ceiling and electric fans activities whether the fan is active, inactive, and also for monitoring the room temperature.

Hardware Components:

  • Arduino Components:Arduino Uno, Breadboard, LCD
  • Relay Module
  • Temperature Sensor
  • PIR Sensor

Mobile Based (Android, IOS) Faculty Evaluation with Online Admin Panel

Mobile Based (Android, IOS) Faculty Evaluation with Online Admin Panel

Mobile Based (Android, IOS) Faculty Evaluation with Online Admin Panel


Academic Institutions value the quality of the teaching. It is very important to encourage the faculty members to understand the concept of effective teaching, to use those approaches, to develop new approaches of teaching, to use innovative develop and learning methodology and to implement leading edge technology in the classroom where appropriate.

Faculty evaluation will help the administrators and as well as the teachers themselves to identify and to support effective teaching and provide the state college community with information about student perception of the quality of instruction.

Information Kiosk System For College Activities

Information Kiosk System for College Activities


Info Kiosk can make a great way in updating students of any activities of school campus. Now a days, common problems faced by the student are lack of information in updating their different activities. So with the help of this system, the students now are update in an early time of information. Unfortunately, most of the school cannot afford to implement such system in a cheaper way. Preferably, in terms of daily updating of information, an Information Kiosk system can really help for a productive school. That is why this study is conducted to build such systems reliable and cheaper enough to be trusted by the student and school. It would be the best and easy to use this information kiosk system.

Java while and the do while loop statements

The while and the do while statements in Java Programming.

We will introduce you to other types of looping statement in Java (while and do while loop).

while loop

while loop is a control structure in Java that executes a block of statements while a condition is true.

Here’s the structure or general format of writing a while loop:

loopBody        // yourJavaStatements

Java Programming for loop statement

Hi there! This next lesson will be on understanding for loop in Java Programming.

The for loop statement

This type of loop will repeat Java statements for a specific number of times.







Learning Switch Statement in Java Programming

Welcome to our next Java lesson and in this lesson we are going to learn about the switch statement.

What is a switch statement?

A switch statement is just like if else if statement the difference is that there is only one expression/variable to be tested in switch statement.

Here’s the syntax of the switch statement:

switch (variableToTest) {

  case Value1:

        statement(s) to be executed if  variableToTest = Value1;

  case Value2:

        statement(s) to be executed if  variableToTest = Value2;

  case Value3:

        statement(s) to be executed if  variableToTest = Value3;


        statement(s) to be executed if  all cases did not match the variableToTest;


Java If, If Else, If Else If Statement

Java If, If Else, If Else If Statement

This Lesson will teach us one of the control flow statements in Java programming: the if statement.

Just like every other programming language the if statement in Java is one way form of incorporating decision making on our program.

if statement (the one way selection)

This statement is used to test if the expression is true. In order for the action statement to be executed the expression must return true, otherwise the program will do nothing.

Comments in Java Programming

In this Java tutorial, we are going to learn about creating comments.

Comments in programming do not change the functionality or how your program works but it plays an important role in documentation of your program.

There are 3 types of comments in Java Programming (single line comment, multi line comment and documentation comment).

Java Lesson about Variables

Hi everyone, welcome to our next lesson in Java.

This lesson is about variables in Java. We will learn the following in this lesson:

  • Naming convention of variables in Java
  • How to declare a variable
  • How to initialize and assign value to a variable

A variable is a storage location that has a value or content and may change the value during the execution of program.

Naming convention

Every programming language has its own rules on how to name your variable. Here’s the rule of Java for naming variables.

Primitive Data Types in Java

In this post, you will learn the different primitive data types in Java programming languages.

Primitive data types in Java include the following:

boolean, byte, char, double, float, int, long, short

The above mentioned data types can be grouped into three categories:

Numeric type: it can store or hold numeric value or data (byte, double, float, int, long, short). These data types are usually used for mathematical functions or operations.