Mobile Based Instructional Material for Agriculture

Mobile Based Instructional Material for Agriculture

Introduction of the Study

The capstone project, “Mobile Based Instructional Material for Agriculture” is a mobile-based learning platform for studying agriculture. The application will contain accessible learning materials about agriculture.

Mobile Based Instructional Material for Agriculture
Mobile Based Instructional Material for Agriculture

The conventional method of giving students instructional materials in school is through books or printed materials. And these include the course instructional materials in agriculture. This method requires students to go to academic facilities to avail learning materials which consumes valuable time and effort that they can instead invest in studying. Same it goes with the faculty who spends time in preparing their instructional materials for the students instead of spending time in facilitating students. Academic institutions continue in looking for ways on how to advance their learning methods.

Proposed Solution

Since technology is rapidly growing in all aspects of modern societies, and education is no exception, the researcher of this project aims to integrate mobile-based instructional materials to facilitate learning in agriculture. The mobile-based application will contain instructional materials in learning different scope of agriculture-related course. This method of learning enables the ability to share knowledge without any limits in space and time and the capacity to facilitate learning anytime and anywhere. The proposed system of learning will eliminate paper works and limitations in accessing learning materials for agriculture.

Objectives of the Study

General objective- the main goal of this project is to design and develop another learning facility except the conventional way in learning agriculture which is the mobile-based instructional material.

The following are the specific objectives of the project:

  1. To design a mobile-based application that contains learning materials about agriculture.
  2. The application will help facilitate learning in agriculture easily and efficiently.
  3. To develop a system of learning that will substitute the conventional method of learning.
  4. The application will have a user-friendly interface, accessible, reliable and convenient to use by students and instructors.
  5. Design a web-based application with the following features:
    1. Lecture material that can be read in an offline setting.
    2. Download updated materials from the server and store in the local storage of the device.
    3.            Quizzes and exercises
    4. Mini-dictionary related to agriculture terminologies
  6. To evaluate the developed system using a standardized instrument with the following quality characteristics
    1. Functionality
    2. Reliability
    3. Usability
    4. Efficiency
    5. Maintainability
    6. Portability

Significance of the Study

The success of the project is deemed beneficial for the following individuals or groups:

End-Users. Most probably students are the end-users of the project. The application will help them have a more accessible and always available source of learning in agriculture.

Instructor, Teacher, Faculty member. The application will help them aid learning to students regarding agriculture. This will lessen their burden in producing printed learning materials to students.

Researchers. The success of the project will fuel them in creating more helpful programs for the benefits of different individuals and groups. It is a way to showcase the skills of the researchers in the field of mobile application and web development.

Future Researchers. The project can serve as their basis if they wish also to design and develop mobile based learning application.

Development Tools

The proposed mobile based learning application for agriculture is intended for Android and iOS devices. Researchers will use Java or Kotlin using the Android Studio IDE for the development of the mobile application. The said project is also connected to an online server that will be developed in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap. It is planned that the mobile application can be used even if the user is not connected to the internet. Moreover, the contents of the application can be downloaded from the online platform and store it in the user’s phone storage.

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