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Thesis Archiving Management System Database Design

Thesis Archiving Management System Admin Module

Title: Thesis Archiving Management System Database Design


The project entitled thesis archiving management system is a web based project design and developed using PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap. The purpose of this project is to compile the thesis/capstone project in an electronic manner according to course and year submitted. This will serve as a repository and at the same time the students can access the records online. Searching of titles and uploading of documents such as pdf, word and powerpoint files are the main feature of the said project. Bootstrap is used to design the interface of the project, it simply means that the template is responsive and it can be also access through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Web Based Classified Ads Application

Web Based Classified Ads

Proposed Title
Web Based Classified Ads Application

Area of Investigation
Web Development

Reasons for Choice of Project

In the earlier times it was difficult to reach out with the classifieds to people spread over a wider area easily. If we publish it in a print media, the editions would be limited, in the case of television the audiences would be limited. Ever since internet has burst into the scene, much like everything advertisement industry has also picked up. Online classifieds are the need of the hour as a user can become both buyer and seller on the click of a button. More over since it is published online, any person can see it sitting anywhere in the world. All it takes is basic computer knowledge to browse this site.

Online Job Recruitment using WordPress

Online Job Recruitment using Wordpress

Online Job Recruitment using WordPress

Area of Investigation:
Web Development

Reasons for Choice of Project

The primary purpose to develop this system is to optimize the recruitment process for an organization. Besides, the qualified applicants could be sort by this system based on their qualifications and company requirements.

Dynamic Event Tabulation System Database Design

Dynamic Event Tabulation Database Design

Title: Dynamic Event Tabulation System Database Design


The development of events tabulation system was hoped to enhance productivity output on performance in providing quality services and information.

Contestants. The study will give them accurate and complete scores of tabulation.

Emcee. The study will give the emcee the venue to view the result of the events in different categories.

Future researcher. This will serve as basis if they will conduct a study about event tabulation system.

Judges. This system aims to give accurate and effective system in tabulating the scores in different categories. With the use of the new system it is beneficial for them in terms of: they  don’t need to manually calculate the scores in each category, less time to be  spending in calculating score and paper less material requisition. The outcome   will lead into more efficient and better services to the school.

Faculty Deliverables Monitoring System with SMS Notification

File Management System Database Design

Title: Faculty Deliverables Monitoring with SMS Notification (File Management System)


This is a web based project designed and developed in PHP, MySQL and Material Design in Bootstrap.  The purpose of this project is to allow the faculty members to upload their requirements and deliverables such as grades, syllabus, learning materials, etc. With this online application, it will be easier for the faculty members and for the department heads to communicate with each other and as well as to monitor the requirements and files submitted. The said project has also a notification feature via sms that will remind the faculty about the deadline of requirements.

Dictionary Application User’s Manual

Dictionary Program in Visual Basic

Dictionary Application User’s Manual

This is the pdf file that contains a step by step procedure on how to operate the dictionary program.

the tutorial contains the following modules:

I. How to search word

II. How to login

Thesis, Capstone, SAD and Software Engineering Project

Thesis, Capstone, SAD and Software Engineering Project

Completed Thesis, Capstone, SAD and Software Engineering Project with Source code and Documents

Visual Basic Project (VB6, VB.net)

  1. LAN Based Canteen Management System
  2. Sales and Inventory Management System
  3. Time-in and Time-out Monitoring System
  4. Patient Record System with Decision Support System
  5. Interactive Math Game
  6. General Service Office (GSO) Automated Inventory and Monitoring System of Materials and Equipments
  7. Transcript of Records Management System
  8. School Management System (User’s Manual)
  9. Voting System
  10. Herbal Plants and Medicinal Usage Information and Archiving System
  11. Thesis Archiving System
  12. Teller’s Queuing System Using Barcode Technology
  13. Library System with Computer Usage Time Monitoring
  14. Dynamic Grading System
  15. Barangay Resident Information System with Blotter and Certificate Issuance System
  16. Inventory Management System
  17. Parish Record Keeping System
  18. Barangay Health Center Records Information System
  19. Lan Based Classroom Management System
  20. Computerized Clinic and Medical Records Management System
  21. Enrollment System with Faculty Subject Loading and Class Sectioning
  22. High School Grade Record Keeping with Report Card Generator
  23. Library Book Catalog Information System
  24. Business Permit with Assessment and Payment System
  25. PE Tools Inventory Management System
  26. Daily Time Record System
  27. Science Learning Game
  28. Drugstore Point of Sale System
  29. Rice Inventory and Point of Sale System
  30. Grading System
  31. Student Council Voting System
  32. Faculty Evaluation System
  33. Loaning System
  34. Pizza Ordering
  35. Student Information System
  36. Water Billing System
  37. Class Scheduling System
  38. Student Assessment and Payment System
  39. Dictionary Program
  40. Hotel Reservation System
  41. Entrance Examination System
  42. Registrar Grade Record Keeping System
  43. Payroll System
  44. Login-Logout Monitoring System
  45. Library System

Psychology App in JQuery Mobile and Phonegap

Android Based Psychology App in JQuery Mobile and Phonegap


Psychological application collects the most important concepts of the different psychological currents developed by human. This features Psychoanalysis, Relational psychology, Psychological Facts and Psychological Quotes. It also has tests that can determine attitude and characteristic of a person.  It has visual tools like photos for better understanding. It will give us more information about human psychology and behavior by the facts that are stated and include on the app.

Computer Aided Instruction in Philippine History

Computer Aided Instruction in Philippine History

Computer Aided Instruction in Philippine History in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap

Background of the Study

The computer is most likely one of the great technological triggers for future change. Computer nowadays have infiltrated every aspect of our society, and now they do much more than simply compute; computers can now be an office tool and is now used in businesses, computer games also have been developed prior to the development of computers. With the ever-increasing processing and graphical capabilities of computers and console products, along with an increase in user expectations, computer aided instruction design moved beyond the scope of a single developer to produce learning in a reasonable time. One of the main developments of computer is the internet, and the internet is flash.

Health Care Information Management System for Senior Citizen

Health Care Information Management System for Senior Citizen

Health Care Information Management System for Senior Citizen

Project Context

Leading healthcare organizations have stressed the importance of integrating information technology (IT) into healthcare systems to improve provider practices, increase the quality of patient care, and reduce medical errors. One missing link plaguing the deployment of technology into healthcare is how to incorporate practical, usable clinical information systems into the work environment of providers. This missing link is most evident in the organizational structure of nursing homes.

As appealing as today’s senior living communities may be for many people, some seniors just prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible. The reasons to remain at home may be practical or sentimental, but for many seniors, a significant support network must be put in place to help this happen.