School Management System Software Requirement Specification

School Management System Software Requirement Specification


The rationale of this document is to replace the existing manual school management system that had produced inconvenience not only to the students but also to the school administration. Our goal was to develop a secure, fast, accurate, and user-friendly system.


The system includes a computerized registration and enrollment form. It allows users to fill in the form and submit. It allows the administrator side to retrieve information. It can severely reduce the amount of duplicate effort required for multi-enrollees. The system would record student information, student enrollment, fees- collected and uncollected and billing of accounts. It cannot be altered or modified by other users (students, registrar, cashier & teachers) except for the administrator (the only one who have full access to the system).

Each module has specific roles in the system that will tell us that it is a comprehensive school management system. However, the system is not web based. The following are the main features/modules we will be integrating in the system: (a) Administrative Module (b) Registrar Module (c) Student Information Module (d) Enrollment Module (e) Cashier Module.

School Management System Software Requirement Specification
School Management System Software Requirement Specification

Table 1.0 Decision Making Table


Problems Occurrence Root Cause Solution Decision Maker
Redundancy of data of old students in registrar


Minimal Yearly registration of old students Automated registration of students Registrar Department
Data / Information Errors Always Irregular forms of handwriting of old & new students Automated processing of registration that  produces reports as registration forms Registrar Department

Accounting Department

Time Consuming Processes regarding Enrollment Activities Always Manual encoding and verifying of data Automated click-and-click interface to browse and retrieve data easily Registrar Department


Accounting Department

Not  Updated Reports of Payments and Records of students to be submitted by Registrar and Accounting to directress Always Slow processing and summarizing of reports Automated Enrollment System that can process reports easily & efficiently. Registrar Department


Accounting Department

Table 1.0 presents the list of problems together with its cause and the possible solution to that specific problem. The table will be a great tool for the researchers/developers in order to itemize the list of problems and provide a specific solution to each presented problem.

Definition of Terms

Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) – is a complete description of the behavior of a system to be     developed and may include a set of use cases that describe interactions the users will have with the software.

School Management System – is an integrated system composed of enrolment, student profiling, , cashiering module and registrar module that includes grades record management.

Database – is a collection of information categorized by specific fields. It is also an integrated collection of logically related records or files consolidated into a common pool that provides data for one or more users

Product perspective

This section aims to describe both the existing and the proposed systems, and discuss why the proposed system is needed.

Existing System

The existing enrollment system make use of the manual process in setting up enrollment. Every end of the school year, the school administration will initiate the enrollment procedures as well as the admission process; usually it will start with a manual set up of enrollment and after setting up the enrollment process will follow. During the enrollment, students were manually registered; enroll subjects and then billing or payment of student accounts occur on the cashier at the accounting department. After all these things are properly done, the student is now officially enrolled, but this process consume a lot of time especially if there are a lot of students.

Disadvantages of Manual Enrollment System:

  • A lot of time is consumed for both the users and administrators.
  • The enrollment process is slow and time-consuming for the teachers administering the students who are enrolling.
  • A lot of inconsistency and inefficiency of information gathered from the students.
  • Minor discrepancies of personal accounts typically occur.
Enrollment Statistics Module
Enrollment Statistics Module

Proposed System

The proposed School Management System is a multi-function processing operation which includes several modules that are working as one unit in general.

Here are some advantages of the proposed system.

  • Systems operations proceed faster, more efficiently and with greater accuracy than manual enrolment systems.
  • Reduce processing time and human errors.
  • Records can be easily searched and reports can be easily generated.

This topic will enumerate the end-users of the system and their specific functions:

Administrators – Administrators have full access to the system. They’re the one who manage and control the system.

Registrars – Registrars are responsible for encoding student information, manage credentials and generate enrollment statistics.

Cashiers – Cashiers are the one who receive payments from the students, manage fees, and create student ledger and other financial reports.

Enrollment Encoders (Teachers) – Encoders are responsible for enrolling students with their corresponding details.

Students – Students are the users who can also view their personal records and etc. in a read-only mode.

Software system attributes

  • The system is designed to run on LAN (Local Area Network) which means that the database is centralized.
  • Each account type of the system has its own password (security level is also integrated).

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