IQ Test with Monitoring Mobile App Capstone Project

IQ Test with Monitoring Mobile App Capstone Project

Introduction of the Study

The capstone project “IQ Test with Monitoring App for Mobile” is a mobile-based application intended for users who want to test their intelligence quotient. The app will test users’ verbal and linguistic abilities, as well as their mathematical, logical, and spatial reasoning skills.

IQ Test with Monitoring Mobile App Capstone Project
IQ Test with Monitoring Mobile App Capstone Project

According to study, IQ test can help determine intellectual disabilities or measure someone’s intellectual potential. There have been various schools of thought about how to assess intelligence over the years, but the thing is that they use the manual approach to administer the test. A child takes the exam on their own, using a pen and paper or verbal and nonverbal communication. The manual method will let them seek for professional help especially in assessing the result of the test. This conventional way is not available and accessible for everyone who wants to assess their intelligence quotient.

Proposed Solution

Since we now live in a technologically advanced world, the project’s researchers suggest a technology-assisted IQ test as a solution to the aforementioned issues. The researchers aim to design and develop a mobile-based IQ Test with Monitoring Application. The app will have questions depending to the users’ age groups. Following completion of the test, the application will automatically display the user’s score, which is determined based on the number of questions correctly answered, the complexity of the questions, and the user’s age. The application will provide historical IQ charts for monitoring purposes, allowing users to track their progress and watch their mental abilities improve over time. The application will eliminate the issues of accessibility and availability of testing Intelligence quotient and can assure the users in providing right evaluation about their result.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the main purpose of the project is to develop a mobile-based platform in testing intelligence quotient with monitoring.

Specifically, the project aims the following objectives:

  1. Develop a mobile application that contains questions accurate for IQ Test.
  2. The application will have different types of test considering the type of users.
  3. Design an application that will provide users historical charts to monitor their progress.
  4. The application is accessible and available to different users.
  5. To evaluate the developed system using ISO/IEC 9126 with the following quality characteristics
    1. Functionality
    2. Reliability
    3. Usability
    4. Efficiency
    5. Maintainability
    6. Portability

Significance of the Study

The project will benefit the following individuals or groups:

End-Users. The end-users of the project are those who want to test their intelligence quotient without seeking for professional help. Application or the system will help them in testing their IQ in their own comfort and at the same time monitor their progress.

Researchers. The success of the project will help them gain more knowledge and skills in developing different application. This project will enhance their skills not only on the technical side but they can also learn and practice their soft skills.

Future Researchers. The study can help them design and develop their own version of an IQ Test application with Monitoring.

Development Tools of the IQ Test with Monitoring Mobile App

The proposed capstone project on IQ test with monitoring app is a web and mobile based project that will be developed in the following programming and development tools:

Information of the project will be stored in an online platform which will be developed in PHP, MySQL/MariaDB and Bootstrap.

Mobile Application of the project will be developed in Java or Kotlin using the Android Studio. The mobile application is connected to the online platform wherein the application can download the updated information from the online server. Once downloaded, the application can now run in an offline setting or without the internet connection.

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