Vehicle Insurance Information System Capstone Project

Vehicle Insurance Information System Capstone Project

Introduction of the Study

14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics
14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics

The capstone project entitled “Vehicle Insurance Information System,” is a system that will act as a medium for obtaining information about proposed vehicle insurance. The system will help insurance company and clients to provide and access vehicle insurance information.

Vehicle Insurance Information System Capstone Project
Vehicle Insurance Information System Capstone Project

Demo - COVID-19 Facilities Management Information System

Demo - COVID-19 Facilities Management Information System

Vehicle insurance prevents the driver from financial loss in the event of an accident. There are several firms that offer car insurance with various coverage options, depending on the vehicle owner’s preference for insurance coverage. Some insurance coverage like collision, property liability and bodily injury liability can help cover the costs of expensive claims if an accident happens. Conventionally, insurance agent and clients personally do transactions where the agent explains to the clients the coverage of the insurance along with the payment required. This type of method may encounter difficulties due to physical barriers and time constraints.

Proposed Solution

The researchers of the study aim to provide a solution for the above mentioned problems in the traditional proposal of vehicle insurance. The researchers aim to develop a Vehicle Insurance Information System which automates all information related to vehicle insurance. The details will be displayed and will be accessible by clients. The said system will ease up the inquiry and transactions for availing vehicle insurance.

Furthermore, the proposed project will be designed and developed in PHP, MySQL/MariaDB and Bootstrap. The enumerated technologies are the primarily used in the development of database oriented web application. It can also be accessed using the user’s mobile devices since it is a responsive web application.

Objectives of the Study

General Objectives – the main goal of this project is to design and develop a vehicle insurance information system which will serve as a platform for displaying information about vehicle insurance.

The following are the specific objectives of the project:

  1. To design and develop efficient information system for vehicle insurance.
  2. The output of the study will ease up the transactions in offering and availing vehicle insurance.
  3. The system will display all the details for the coverage of the insurance with the payment information.
  4. To develop a system that is easy to operate and should be completed within a short period of time and must fit with the budget of the end-user.
  5. The system is easy, reliable and convenient to use.
  6. Design a project that will store the records properly and in organize manner using the database technology

Significance of the Study

The following groups are the beneficiaries of the project.

Insurance Company. Output of the system will give them a platform to widely offer their vehicle insurance services. The system will help them easily transact with their clients with less time and effort spent.

Clients. The client can easily spot good vehicle insurance offer for them to sign in. The system will help them conveniently avail there preferred vehicle insurance.

Researchers. Results of this study will contribute to their knowledge and skills as programmers and researchers

Future Researchers. The study can help them in developing their own version of vehicle insurance information system. Output of this capstone project is the complete documentation and the system based on the requirements of the end-users. Future researcher may use the documentation as their related literature. They can also upgrade or add an additional feature if they will pursue to conduct a study on insurance system.

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