A Tricycle Driver Conduct Reporting Mobile Application

A Tricycle Driver Conduct Reporting Mobile Application

Introduction of the Study

The capstone project entitled “A Tricycle Driver Conduct Reporting Mobile Application” is a mobile application intended to be use by tricycle commuters as a medium to report good and bad conduct of tricycle drivers.

Tricycle has become a primary mode of transportation in different cities. Due to large amount of tricycles, drivers who behave corruptly are inevitable. Some passengers are complaining about overcharging drivers, which is why the LGU has urged the public to report any bad or good behavior of tricycle drivers to the Tricycle Regulation Unit (TRU).The public needs a platform where they can easily report the conduct of the tricycle drivers.

A Tricycle Driver Conduct Reporting Mobile Application
A Tricycle Driver Conduct Reporting Mobile Application

Proposed Solution

To resolve the problem mentioned above, the researcher of the study proposed a mobile application which will serve as a platform to report driver conduct easily and efficiently. It is designed for tricycle commuters to report violations committed by tricycle drivers. This mobile application will also enable tricycle commuters to commend tricycle drivers’ good deeds by rating them. For easy data management, the report and ratings are sent to the system. The accumulated data collected by the system will allow TRU to track abusive drivers faster as well as commend the responsible ones.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the main objective of this project is to develop a mobile application intended to be use in reporting conduct of tricycle drivers.

The following are the specific objectives of the project:

  1. Develop an application that will be used by tricycle commuters to report conduct of the drivers.
  2. Create an effective and user-friendly app that can be used by a broader number of commuters.
  3. To develop a system that will serve as a repository of reports and ratings of tricycle drivers for various purposes.
  4. Ouput of the capstone project is an application that is easy, accessible and efficient to use.
  5. Develop an application that could run in Android and iOS.

Significance of the Study

The success of the project is deemed beneficial to the following individuals or group:

Tricycle Commuters. The mobile application will help them report the conduct of the tricycle driver, its either bad or good. This will help them feel secure and justly treated.

Tricycle Regulation Unit. The collected data and information by the system will help them track abusive drivers as well as commending responsible drivers.

Tricycle Drivers. This will help them have knowledge about how the commuters perceive their service.

Researchers. The success of the project will help them develop more helpful applications for the general public.

Future Researchers. The study can serve as their basis in designing and developing their own version of the application.

Development Tools

The main goal of this project is a mobile application that will be used for reporting the conduct tricycle drivers.

Researchers may use Java, Kotlin or Xamarin for the development of the mobile application.

Reports from the commuters will be stored and managed in a server in a form of a responsive web application. Web application development of the project will focus on PHP, MySQL/MariaDB and Bootstrap.

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