Construction Monitoring System Capstone Project

Construction Monitoring System Capstone Project

Introduction of the Study

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The capstone project, “Construction Monitoring System,” is for construction workers and staffs such as project managers, architects, engineers, and clients who are unable to visit the construction site to track the project’s progress. The system will provide an accurate and positive way of checking the quality, accuracy and progress of a construction project.

Construction monitoring is currently carried out manually. The construction site will be physically inspected by the in-charge construction team. Clients who want to check on the progress of the building will have to go to the site themselves, which would be time consuming and exhausting. The manual method in monitoring construction due to physical barriers and inevitable circumstances. The construction team needs a monitoring system that extends beyond physical interactions.

Construction Project Monitoring System Capstone Project
Construction Monitoring System Capstone Project

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution for the aforementioned problems is the development of Construction Monitoring System. The system will be used to check the construction progress without personally going to the construction site. All monitoring processes will be carried out by the system to ensure no human damages and economic cost will occur during the construction. The system will be used to gather and provide data to different professionals in the construction team to monitor the improvement and lapses in all aspect of the construction project. The system will also be accessible by the clients to check the progress of the project. The system will be efficient and convenient to use.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the main objective of this study is to design and develop a system that will serve as a platform for monitoring the construction progress even without physical interactions.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  1. To design an effective construction monitoring system.
  2. Output of the system will serve as a platform for communication between individuals in the construction team.
  3. Develop a system that will cater all construction monitoring processes needed.
  4. Create a system that is efficient and convenient to use.
  5. Generate reports based on the requirements of the end-user.
  6. Output of the capstone project will be tested and evaluated by the IT experts and end-users.

Significance of the Study

The success of the project is deemed beneficial to the following:

Project Manager. Using the system, it will be easier for them to manage all aspects of the construction project.

Construction Team. System will help them monitor the construction site. Individuals in the construction team can communicate and exchange updates regarding the progress of the project.

Clients. The system will help them be updated about the progress of the construction.

Researchers. The researchers of this project will gain more knowledge and skills in developing helpful technology-assisted systems. Capstone project is where the skills and knowledge of the researchers will be put into practice. It is an opportunity for the researchers to solve real-word problems and promote an IT based solution.

Future Researchers. Next batch of researchers would also be part of the beneficiary for they could upgrade the said project. They can use this study as a basis if they want to pursue the same project.

Development Tools of the project

The proposed information system is an online platform for monitoring the progress of construction projects. PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap are the primary tools to be used to design and develop a responsive web application.

Construction Monitoring System will be uploaded to the hosting server with a preferred domain name of the client. Files from the local computer will be transferred to the online server via FTP or file transfer protocol.

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