Capstone Project Monitoring System

Capstone Project Monitoring System

This document or article gives you an example on the chapter 1 of the capstone project entitled “Capstone Project Monitoring System”. In addition this can also serve as a guide in the preparation of capstone proposal, just don’t forget to give credit to the website.

The project can be customized based on your needs and requirements. PHP, MySQL/MariaDB and Bootstrap were used to develop the project.

Capstone Project Monitoring System
Capstone Project Monitoring System

Introduction of the Study

The increase in use of technology have open up new ways to complete a task rather than doing it manually. Most activities that are done manually have now an easier and accessible way by using the technology. These are mostly helpful in different industries and institutions. As to educational institutions, specifically colleges, have now alternatives to interact with their students.

Nowadays, colleges aim to completely hone students to the extent of their intellect and use all they learned in their previous years by letting them have a capstone project. A Capstone Project is a two-semester process during the final year in which students pursue independent research on a question or problem of their choice and engage with the scholarly debates in the relevant disciplines. Doing a capstone project involves processes such as selecting a topic area, doing a literature review, conducting a research and presenting results, these are the steps to be taken by students which needs guidance from a faculty mentor. To monitor students’ capstone projects, the faculty mentor must have an accessible and up-to-date communication with the students which are mostly still done manually by most colleges. This type of monitoring may encounter a lot of adversities thus the researcher of the proposed system entitled “Capstone Project Monitoring” aimed to provide a platform wherein the monitoring of capstone projects is a lot easier, faster and accessible.

Objectives of the Study

The aim of the project is to design, develop and implement a web based platform for monitoring the updates of capstone project.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  1. The system will help the students and the project mentor communicate easily regarding questions about the project.
  2. The system will serve as a platform for updates regarding the status of the project.
  3. The system will be use to disseminate information among students who are involve in the specific project.
  4. The system will help the mentors monitor the capstone projects for an efficient result.
  5. The system will help monitor the group progress.
  6. The system will provide fast and reliable information for the users that may include the process of storing, updating, and retrieving of information.

Significance of the Study

Teacher/Mentor. The system will help them monitor their students work. The progress made by the group and questions regarding the project will easily be monitor by them without needing to interact personally. This will lessen the time they will put in monitoring different capstone projects.

Students. The system will help them to quickly communicate with their mentors regarding questions and difficulties they will encounter upon doing the project. They can easily get updates and information about what steps to take in doing the capstone project.

Future Researchers. The output of this project will serve as a basis and guide for the next generation of researchers. The system has a lot of room for improvements and this is where they can propose for an upgrade and add features to the existing project.

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