Scheduling System in Laravel Free Source code

Scheduling System in Laravel Free Source code

Project Context

Schools and universities offer crucial services in terms of scheduling, attendance, operational processes, and calendars. Given that schools and universities conduct numerous, complicated transactions every day, a scheduling system is essential for ensuring the effectiveness of day-to-day operations. While efficient scheduling is crucial in this type of establishment, it is not always ideal in this circumstance. Accordingly, researchers developed the “Scheduling System in Laravel” capstone project with the goal that it would handle all scheduling-related procedures and processes seen in schools or colleges. The system will evaluate the academic institution’s methods and procedures for creating the class schedule, the problems instructors and students have in quickly, accurately, and efficiently retrieving the schedule, the level of acceptability of the current class scheduling, and the degree to which a scheduling system is required. The systematic Scheduler will help the institution create the class schedule in an effective and simple manner and will also make it easier for the teachers and students to quickly verify their class schedules. The system will not only accommodate class schedules but also other types of calendars, including some faculty operations.

The purpose of using schedules is to have a smooth, organized, and simple management of appointments and class operations, however doing so manually would be challenging for the users because it would take time and effort. The manual processes used to create academic calendars do not yield quick, precise, or efficient results. Deploying the system is therefore quite beneficial for this kind of issue.

Objectives of the Study

General Objectives- The primary objective of the study is to successfully design and construct the “Scheduling System in Laravel” to produce exceptional schedule results.

The researchers specifically aim to achieve the following goals:

  1. To save faculties time by eliminating the need to manually search through record books in order to determine appointments and schedules.
  2. To give academic institutions a platform for their scheduling process so that they can run efficient operations and transactions and become effective schools.
  3. To develop a system that is precise, error-free, efficient, and effective.
  4. To switch to a platform that views transactions as effective and to modernize the manual scheduling practices used in academic institutions.
  5. To make it easier for users to make and keep track of schedules.

Importance and Significance of the Project

The persons who will benefit by this study are the following:

Departmental Head. The department chairman will benefit from the proposed approach by having a flexible scheduling option that will allow them to create almost any kind of timetable.

Instructors. Without scheduling or room assignments issues, instructors can begin classes on time.

Students. The suggested system will make it easier for students to choose their academic schedule before the semester even begins.

Researchers. This study will offer cases for other researchers to investigate other variables that were not examined in this study.

Future Researchers. The next group of researchers will have the chance to assess the project and make the necessary revisions and updates because the time available for the system’s development is finite.

An automated class scheduling system can be a very beneficial tool for both school administrators and students. By automating the process of scheduling classes, administrators can save a significant amount of time and energy. This can allow them to focus on other important tasks, such as planning for the school year or dealing with emergencies. In addition, an automated system can help students learn to better manage their time by ensuring that they have enough classes to complete their degree or certificate program. Ultimately, an automated class scheduling system can help schools achieve many of their objectives while also providing students with a more efficient learning experience.

Features of the System

Curriculum Management. This feature manages and handles various resources, projects, and plans for the particular institutions. In this section, several curriculum guidelines will be provided.

Room Management and Room Utilization. The system will offer a capability for managing and using the rooms on the school’s property. Because this feature will handle the operations, staff will be able to identify which rooms are available or not right away.

Course Management. In order to manage a course for a specific group of students, the system also provides course management.

Teacher loading. Teachers are able to determine and monitor their loading procedure rapidly while also being familiar with their loading processes.

Scheduling Module, Detect Conflicts.  This feature manages this transaction and can identify conflicts for efficient monitoring and distributes because there is a modular procedure as well.

Reports Generation. The purpose of this module is to create reports on the data collected by the class scheduling system. The reports will include information on the number of classes offered, the number of students enrolled in each class, the number of students on the waitlist for each class, and the number of classes cancelled. Overall, the system is capable of producing various reports.

User Management. The system also contains a user management component where it will appropriately handle users. By offering a variety of features and tools, the user management module of a class scheduling system assists users in scheduling classes. These include the capacity to establish and manage user accounts, control access levels and permissions, and produce reports. A number of security measures are also offered by the module, including the option to set up two-factor authentication and password recovery. The module aids users in properly managing their class schedules by offering these features and resources.

Database Backup. As a result of its features that prevent file loss and provide backups for the future, this system does not cause users to experience file loss anxiety. As anyone who has ever dealt with computers knows, data loss is a very real and serious possibility. Even with the best intentions and the most diligent care, things can go wrong and data can be lost. This is why it is so important to have a database backup module for a class scheduling system.

With a database backup module, you can ensure that any data that is stored in the system is always backed up. This means that even if something goes wrong and the system is destroyed, you will still be able to recover your data.


Scheduling System in Laravel Free Source code - Course Scheduling
Scheduling System in Laravel Free Source code – Course Scheduling
Scheduling System in Laravel Free Source code - Curriculum Management
Scheduling System in Laravel Free Source code – Curriculum Management
Scheduling System in Laravel Free Source code - Faculty Loading
Scheduling System in Laravel Free Source code – Faculty Loading


Credits to the developer of the project: jefflapuz09 · GitHub


The study was conducted to assess the overall schedule process and the class scheduling system that is currently in place in an academic institution. The initial study of the data collected by the researchers reveals that despite the fact that it is a laborious process that must be followed, universities struggle to record and monitor the varied schedules that are taken there. In order to get feedback from the targeted end users, the researchers developed an automatic scheduling system based on Laravel.

The research’s conclusions showed that the developed system satisfied the needs and demands of both respondents and the intended users. In terms of user acceptability, functionality, efficiency, productivity, quality, portability, and timeliness, the system earned positive evaluations from respondents. The system will make managing schools easy, fast, practical, and effective.


The researchers strongly advise installation of the device due to the study’s statistical significance. The system’s dependability and efficiency, which may be offered to the targeted end users, lead the researchers to suggest its performance. Adopting the system will reduce human labour and eliminate the stack of documents. The researchers also underline how correctly using the system requires having a thorough understanding of its features and workings. The technology will save workloads and provide precise results for scheduling transactions, therefore the researchers advise colleges and universities to use it. In addition, the system handles all the difficulties and worries associated with manual processing techniques and procedures.


This study focuses on developing a “Scheduling System in Laravel” to assist schools and colleges in streamlining their scheduling and transaction processes. Exams, classes, and other scheduling interactions in schools used to be recorded manually using a pen and paper method, occasionally using MS Excel, and sometimes using Word. This is technically not the correct setting for school because it would not be a suitable platform for such operations. Due of its limited features, schools may find it difficult to maintain records and convey information. Unlikely, if schools adopted the system, the aforementioned issues might no longer exist. There would also be less effort, less inaccuracy, and accurate output and reporting. The system contains many elements that perform differently and are advantageous to the consumers. Features including Curriculum Management, Room Management, and Room Utilization, Course Management, Teacher Loading, Scheduling Module, Detect Conflicts, Reports Generation, User Management, and Database Backup. Laravel powers the system to make it more effective and user-friendly.

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