ICT Based Thesis and Capstone Project for Agriculture

ICT Based Thesis and Capstone Project for Agriculture

The following titles can be used by the Information Technology students and any other computer related courses for their thesis and capstone project

ICT Based Thesis and Capstone Project for Agriculture
ICT Based Thesis and Capstone Project for Agriculture

  1. IT Based Agricultural Information Dissemination System
  2. Land Survey Application using Drone Technology
  3. Soil Analysis Record Management with Decision Support System
  4. Robotic Plant Disease Detector using Arduino with Android Appl
  5. Farm Planning Application using Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology
  6. The use of Geographical Information System (GIS) in Precision Farming
  7. Geo-Fencing and Map Making for Agriculture with the use of Global Positioning System (GPS)
  8. Online Trading Platform for Agriculture Related Products and Services
  9. Irrigation Systems Mapping, Planning and Landscaping using GIS and GPS Technology
  10. Utilization of Remote Sensing Technology in Agriculture using Arduino/ Raspberry Pi
  11. Geographical Information System (GIS) Based Crop Suitability Application with Decision Support System
  12. Automated Fertilizer Spreader using Robotic Machine with Mobile App controller
  13. Agricultural Irrigation Management and Monitoring using Wireless Technology
  14. Data Collection and Monitoring of Agricultural Land using Drone Technology
  15. GPS Based Agri-Tourism Mobile App with Admin Control Panel
  16. Internet of Things (IoT) Based Smart Irrigation System using Drone Technology
  17. Computer Controlled Automated Milking Systems for Livestock Industry
  18. Crop Spraying Drone with Mobile Application
  19. Global Positioning System (GPS) Based Precision Soil Sampling
  20. Livestock Tracking and Monitoring Application using RFID Technology
  21. Farm to Buyer Application: an Ecommerce Platform for Agriculture Products
  22. AgriHandbook: a Mobile Based Information System with Quiz Feature
  23. Geographical Information System (GIS) Based Deforestation Monitoring Application
  24. Utilization of Agricultural Drone for Crop Production and Crop Growth Monitoring
  25. Mobile Based(Android and iOS) Board Exam Reviewer for Agriculture
  26. Geographical Information System (GIS) Based Soil Amendment Analyses and Erosion Identification
  27. Agricultural Geographic Information Systems using Geomatics Technology
  28. Geographical Information System (GIS) Based Rainfall Data Analysis
  29. IoT Based Light Control Monitoring System with Mobile Application Support
  30. Fertilizer Application System for Precision Farming using GIS and GPS Technology
  31. Mobile Based Soil Sampling Record Management with Mapping Technology
  32. Soil Survey Geographic Online Database Application System
  33. Geographical Information System (GIS) Based Weed and Grass Control System
  34. Mobile Based Seed Population Rate Monitoring using GIS
  35. Smart Robots for Crops Picking and Harvesting
  36. Pest and Crop Management Information System with Mobile App Support for Android and iOS
  37. Online 3D Model of Agriculture Related Equipment with eCommerce Application
  38. Web and Mobile Based Micronutrient Calculator to Optimize Crop Yields
  39. Soil Moisture Sensor using Wireless Technology and Arduino
  40. Mobile Based (Android and iOS) Agriculture Dictionary with Audio Feature
  41. Use of Remote Sensing and GIS Technology for Sustainable Agricultural Management
  42. Computer Based Information of Herbal Plants and Medicinal Uses
  43. Smart Aquaponics System using Arduino
  44. Online Claim Folder Tracking Application for Department of Agriculture
  45. A Web GIS Based Decision Support System for Agriculture Crop Monitoring
  46. Mobile Based Farm Tractor Simulator
  47. Field Monitoring and Automation Using IOT in Agriculture Sector
  48. Precision Seeding and Geo-mapping using Robotic Seeding Machine
  49. Automated Watering and Irrigation System using IoT-enabled Sensors
  50. DroneSeed App: Drone Based Seeding Application Controlled by Mobile Devices
  51. Robotic Pesticide Sprayer with Mobile App Controller
  52. Mobile App Controller for Irrigation Monitoring System
  53. IoT Based Application for Urban Gardening
  54. Mobile Based Learning Platform for Agricultural Technology
  55. Vertical Farming with IoT-enabled devices and Controlled-Environment Agriculture

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