Poverty and Malnutrition Monitoring System Capstone Project

Poverty and Malnutrition Monitoring System Capstone Project

The capstone project entitled “Poverty and Malnutrition Monitoring System” is a records management system specifically intended to manage and organize the records related to poverty and malnutrition. Our team can create and develop the system in two versions; the first is the web or online version using PHP, MySQL/MariaDB and Bootstrap, the second version is a stand-alone version using Visual Basic MS Access or MySQL.

Poverty and Malnutrition Monitoring System Capstone Project
Poverty and Malnutrition Monitoring System Capstone Project


The Poverty and Malnutrition Monitoring System is intended for monitoring the status of poverty and malnutrition rate in a specific community. The accumulated data in the system will serve as the basis of the government and health sectors to design programs to help mitigate poverty which results to malnutrition to those who are highly affected.

Poverty has become a great issue in different countries. Here in the Philippines, people are also suffering from poverty which resulted to a serious problem caused by malnutrition. The monitoring system should be credible and reliable enough to monitor poverty in a certain society. The manual process in obtaining data about the status of poverty is not enough to help in quickly coming up with a solution. Manual process like tally sheets or surveys are not enough and are very time consuming, at this time of modernity, such processes are outdated and are suggest to be discarded.

The Poverty and Malnutrition Monitoring System will replace the existing manual process in monitoring poverty and malnutrition in the community. This will accumulate information in a more efficient and faster way.

The researchers came up with an idea to have a web based monitoring system that can help our subject of the study or respondents in decision-making; recording through the use of database system is an easy way to monitor the poverty and malnutrition in the subject area.

Objectives of the Study

The project aims to design, develop and implement a database system that organizes the records of poverty and malnutrition in a city. The project also aims to replace the manual method or records management.

Specific objectives are the following.

  1. The system will help quickly gather information about poverty and malnutrition.
  2. The system will serve as the monitoring tool about poverty and malnutrition rate in a community.
  3. The system will provide efficient and accessible information to users which are responsible in monitoring.
  4. The system will quicken the pace of coming up with a solution to reduce poverty and malnutrition.
  5. Determine the level of system acceptability based on the required application functionality.

Significance of the Study

Government Health Sectors. The information gathered by this system will help them design programs that will alleviate poverty and help people who suffers from malnutrition caused by poverty.

Community. The people of the community will be greatly benefited by this monitoring system. This will help them seek help to the sectors that are responsible in providing them help to reduce the poverty and health risk they might suffer due to malnutrition.

Researchers. This study will give the researcher an outlet to further develop their programming skills. This study will also improve the research and thesis writing skills of the researcher.

Future researchers. This will serve as basis if they will conduct a study about records management system.

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