Android Based Psychology App

Android Based Psychology App


Mobile Application or commonly called as “apps” are one of the biggest and fastest trend now a days. The reign of android apps in the market is now the craze especially on youth. This is because there are now millions of android apps on the market or play store which can be downloaded and installed in different smart phones. Android users enjoy variety of features that different apps presented or introduce especially those applications that are free. They just turn on the internet, sign in to their Google and they can now access to the application. There are a lot of categories on the market it can be for utility, security, business, education, games, entertainment, etc. The proposed system which is the Mental Behaviorism app is categorized as an educational app and entertaining app. It is all about Psychology. This is said to be educational because it sustains knowledge and information on some field of Psychology. On the other hand, it is categorized as entertainment because it is user friendly, enjoyable and interesting especially for the people who are interested in psychology. It is downloadable for a free trial or can be bought to access the whole application.


Background of the Study

As years passed by, many people are unaware about their psychological conditions and mental behavior which caused them to be confused about how things work. Otherwise many technology are invented including android apps which is now a fast growing trend that are commonly used by many people. Play Store offers many categories of applications that can be downloaded and installed for a free trial or can be bought to access more about specific application. Many psychological apps are uploaded but are not reliable and need to develop their contents because of its insufficiency.

psychology app

Objective of the Study

General Objective

 To design and develop a Psychology App.

  • To make a user friendly App.
  • To provide an educational and entertaining Android Application.

Specific Objective

  1. To make the design simple and attractive and have more features for the Application.

As we all know the trends of new offered applications on the market should come up with new ideas and innovative techniques to charm the users. Making the application simpler yet attractive will captivate the people to download it. In addition, having more adequate and reliable features will provide a more interesting app.

  1. To make an easy-to-use Application for the users

Having a user friendly app is a must. The application should have a clean presentation, more accessible design and it should works very well specially its speed of response. A smooth flow of a system will give the good impression to the users and will cause them to enjoy it.

  1. To provide an appealing and educational Psychology App

Creating an attractive, enjoyable and educational Android application is a great challenge. Making it simple yet appealing will attract more users. Having supplementary features on the application will impress the users to download it because of the additional knowledge that the application can give them.

android based psychology app

Significance of the Study

Studying psychology can improved communication skills, better understanding of self and others, having knowledge on what’s happening on a situation, increase attention on solving problems being alert on things that people will do around you. An application about psychology and mental behavior has a great advantage for people. This application helps to give us more knowledge about knowing psychology.

Development Tools:

Html, CSS, JavaScript

Apache Cordova

Framework7/jQuery Mobile

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