Android Daily Planner Notification App

Android Daily Planner Notification App

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In this period of time, daily planner is a notebook consisting of date and time, where people can easily remember what date and day it is today when writing the day to day activities and plans.

Researcher has chosen this topic, for having the purpose to help the students and professionals simply arrange schedules, especially when some unexpected circumstances arrive.

As a student it is hard to check the schedules of free time, whenever there is an unexpected event, occasion, and circumstances that suddenly came up, because of these students must review noted schedules; or review the reminders in mobile phones to inform them about the recent activities that students are going to do. Due to these circumstances, it’s a requirement that whenever students need to determine availability, students must look into the list of their tasks to be done in the certain period of time or ahead, normally a student nowadays use a reminder or a planner to remind them about the activities in ahead of time, and students need to analyze what day and time of recent the day, is available for unexpected circumstances.

Android Daily Planner App
Android Daily Planner App

On the other hand, Professionals such as businessmen, doctors, professors, engineers, use planners to take down notes about what happen today and what to do for the next day or months, or either way use reminders in mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, notes, and hire personal assistants to organize tasks for the day and the next day to be able to keep track of recent and future activities.

Due to modern type of technology in 20th century diaries, journal, and planners may be a good help for arranging schedules, but having a mobile phone with a reminder and an availability application will come in handy.

Availability of time application will be a great help for every people that are having hard time in knowing the available time for every unexpected events, an application that will help people generate the specific time of the day that students and professionals are available, total hours and days of users’ availability, and can also serve as a planner in the users’ own mobile phones.

Significance of the Study

The Proposed application intends to develop a better approach in this field of mobile application.

The Researcher believe that this study would be very beneficial to the following:

Application Developers. This application will help the android application developers to be aware of the things to be considered in creating an application regarding time management.

Students. This mobile application will help the students organize the time of their study and leisure in the easiest way they can avail.

Professionals. This mobile application will help the professionals to put their schedules in the right order and tracking recent activities from the past, present, and future within the certain month to show them the users’ free time.

Future Researchers. This application will develop users’ way of organizing schedules or managing the time.

Development Tools:

The project will be developed using hybrid mobile app framework (apache cordova/phonegap, html, css, js).

Source code will be published right after we have done the project.

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