Rescue Alert an Emergency Notification App Capstone Project

Rescue Alert an Emergency Notification App Capstone Project


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The capstone project entitled “Rescue Alert: Emergency Notification App” is a mobile application that can be used in emergency situations. The application is intended to function in case of emergencies like fire, medical emergencies, accidents and emergencies caused by natural disasters. The application is design to send emergency notification messages or calls to default emergency corresponding people or institutions.

Rescue Alert an Emergency Notification App Capstone Project
Rescue Alert an Emergency Notification App Capstone Project

Emergency situations always come unexpectedly and this makes communication during disaster or accident times very important for both the rescuer team and the victim. In the existing system during emergencies, emergency corresponding institutions only provide hotline or mobile numbers to be contacted in case of emergency. This system is very ineffective especially in situations like the emergency rescuer the victim has is not nearby the accident place or unattended. The place of accident would not also be given in a detailed manner which results to a longer time a rescuer could correspond to the situation. What people need is an emergency tool that is fast, efficient and reliable to use to help them feel safe and secure all the time.

Proposed Solution

To address the problems above, the researcher of this study proposed an application namely “Rescue Alert” which is an emergency notification app. The app have a simple interface and is easy to use. The user only need to download the application and use in emergency situations by pushing the designed button for help. The application allows the function of GPS which will send the current position of the user who ask for help. The application will automatically send the emergency message and location to default emergency corresponding people or institutions.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective- the main goal of this project is to design and develop an application that is intended to be use during emergency situations.

The specific objectives of the study are the following:

  1. The application will have a GPS function to locate the victim.
  2. The system will be connected to different emergency corresponding people or institutions.
  3. To design an application that is easy to use and efficient to use during emergency situations.
  4. The application will have a simple interface to communicate quickly during emergencies.

Significance of the Study

The following individuals or group will benefit from this study:

End-Users. By downloading the application on their mobile phones, they would feel secure even during emergency situation for the reason that they could easily communicate to the rescuers.

Rescuers. The application will improve their respond time. The application will increase the number of people they can save in case of emergencies.

Researchers. If this project will succeed, they would gain honor in developing the application because it will help saving people. This would also improve their knowledge and skills in the field of their expertise.

Future Researchers. They can use this study as a basis if they wish to develop also an emergency notification app.

Development Tools

The project entitled Rescue Alert: Emergency Notification App is a web and mobile platform.

Web Dashboard is where the administrator can receive the messages and help request of the residents. Records management and archiving of information is also part of this module of the project. PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap will be used in the web panel or dashboard of the system.

For the residents, they can access the project via Web and Mobile version. Mobile application will be developed in Kotlin or Java. Meanwhile, the web version will also be designed and developed in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap.

Notification or real-time information dissemination is in a form of SMS or short messaging service and web push notification.

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