Barangay Management System Development Part 1 – Introduction

Barangay Management System Development Part 1 – Introduction

The aim of this tutorial is to provide you the steps on how to setup a barangay information system from scratch.

The system also aims to provide a system that will help the Barangay give a better service in a systematic way by manipulating all the information gathered from the community it is serving. This is to help the said Barangay continually do their mission, vision, and goals through providing services fully to the residents and community of the Barangay.

Barangay Management System Development Part 1 – Introduction
Barangay Management System Development Part 1 – Introduction

It also provides reliable and secured personal information records. The system will include the records for poverty such as the Household Number, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Gender, Birthdate, Age, Birthplace, Contact Number, Address, Nationality, Status, Occupation, Monthly income, Number of Children, and many others (this can be customized based on the user requirements). This information will be stored on the centralize database server, so every time the authorized person will check the personal records of the residents; it will be easy for them retrieve. The barangay system will provide the statistics needed in order to give the management the insights they need to respond properly to a given scenario and situation.

The following are the topics that will be included in this development course:

The tutorial will only cover 13 step by step guides in the development of the barangay information system.

For the development of the barangay information system we will use Visual Basic and MySQL. Our team has already deployed the said project to multiple barangay. We are also open for any modification and revisions based on your needs and requirements.

After this course, we will also re-create the project in PHP, MySQL and Boostrap.

This portion of the article is the example proposal for the barangay information systems

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to submit a quotation on the system automation of your daily office operations.

This Automation Program will make your day to day operations simple and easy. Also, it offers fast access to clients’ data wherein searching of vital information is just a click away. Some advantages of this program includes reduction of paper works, improve customer service, increase productivity and does not require high end computer.


 To develop a database oriented barangay information system based on your requirements.

Below are the coverage of the System:

  • Residents Information Archiving and Record Keeping
    • List of Residents
    • Search Resident
    • Register New Resident
    • View Resident Records
    • Personal Information
  • Barangay Official Details
    • List of Officials
    • List of Purok
  • Report Generation
    • Population Breakdown(By Gender, Voter Status, Resident Type)
    • Issue Certificate
  • Customizations may be requested by the client within the period of the system.


  • One day detailed Study shall be made, upon agreement of the project proposal 1 to 4 weeks, software design/database development and possible data conversion.
  • Test run of the software
  • Editing and modification
  • System presentation
  • Documentation
  • Final run
  • Fine tuning and turn over


A.) Software

Project costs include the following:

  1. Software development
  2. Systems maintenance
  3. 3 months warranty (Bug Fixes)

Cost of this project is P10k to 25k

B.) Schedule of Payment:

The schedule of payment is as follows:

50% down payment upon acceptance of contract;

40% (Good as complete, for bug fixing);

10% for the completion of the program

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see you on the part 2 of this free tutorial.

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