Top 25 Ecommerce Project Ideas

Top 25 Ecommerce Project Ideas

The final project is the capstone project for an IT degree program. It is made up of one or more research projects in which students create prototypes, services, or products. The projects are organized around a real-world problem that must be solved. Capstone projects are used by IT departments to test new ideas or concepts before implementing them into their normal operations.

Our team has gathered a list of Ecommerce Project Topics and Ideas in this article. The researchers also describe what ecommerce is, why it is beneficial to businesses, how to create and develop it, and how it operates. The capstone projects listed below will help future researchers decide on a capstone project concept. Future scholars may find the information on this page helpful in developing original capstone project ideas.

What is an Ecommerce?

Ecommerce, often known as electronic commerce, is the act of purchasing and selling goods and services, as well as the transmission of funds or data over an online platform, most commonly the internet. This can be done through a variety of platforms, including online marketplaces, online retailers, and online auction sites. Ecommerce has grown in popularity in recent years, as it offers a convenient and efficient way to buy and sell products or services. Ecommerce is classified into three types: business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-consumer. Ecommerce has grown in popularity in recent years, as it offers a convenient and efficient way to buy and sell products or services.

Why Ecommerce is good for business?

Businesses must keep up with the rapid development of technology in order to have a competitive advantage in the market. Ecommerce is beneficial to businesses since it eliminates the need for physical stores and allows firms to extend their customer base. Aside from removing the danger of long lineups, ecommerce sites provide a significant benefit to both shoppers and merchants that are not located in large urban regions. The company can also access a broader spectrum of clients, increasing its income. Additionally, it will improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

There are various reasons why ecommerce is so vital to your organization. First, it allows you to reach more individuals than ever before. Second, it allows you access to new markets. Third, it helps you establish brand recognition. Fourth, it provides a possibility to make money without having to invest a lot of money. Fifth, it makes it easier to control inventory. Sixth, it enables you give unique discounts to loyal consumers. Seventh, it enables you to perform customer assistance. Eighth, it allows you to track sales data. Ninth, it helps you to receive payment promptly. Tenth, it allows you to keep up with competitors. Finally, it helps you to save money by not paying rent.

How to design and develop an Ecommerce Platform?

Are you looking to create an ecommerce platform? Whether you’re starting an online store from scratch or want to improve your existing website, there are a few key things you need to do to create a successful ecommerce platform.

In the IT industry, we have several ways on how to design and develop an ecommerce platform; 1. We will develop it using the set of programming languages. 2. We will use a CMS and non-programming tool that enables us to develop an ecommerce platform with no to minimal knowledge on computer programming.

To start an online business, you need to set up an ecommerce website. This includes setting up a domain name, registering a domain name, purchasing a web hosting plan, installing WordPress, and choosing a payment gateway.

Choose a Domain Name

A domain name is the address of your website. It is usually made up of two parts: the top level domain (TLD) and the second level domain (SLD). You will use the TLD to identify what type of site you have. For example, .com is used for commercial sites, is used for non-profit organizations. The SLD is used to distinguish between different websites within the same organization. For example, is one website within the organization, whereas is another.

Register Your Domain Name

Once you have chosen a domain name, you will need to register it with a domain registrar. This process involves paying a fee to purchase the right to use the domain name. If you choose domain name, you will pay $10 per year. However, if you choose domain name, you will only pay $5 per year.

Create a Web Hosting Account

After you have registered your domain name, you will then need to set up a web hosting account. A web hosting account allows you to upload files to your website and access them through a web browser. You can also install software programs such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and others.

Install WordPress

Once you have installed WordPress, you will need to choose a theme. This is the skin that covers the entire site. It includes the background image, color scheme, fonts, and other elements.

Select a Payment Gateway

You will also need to select a payment gateway. A payment gateway allows customers to pay for products using credit cards, debit cards, PayPal accounts, or any other method.

How Ecommerce works?

The process of selling goods and services through the internet is known as ecommerce. Customers visit the website or online marketplace and make purchases with electronic payments. The merchant sends the goods or offers the service after receiving the payment.

List of Ecommerce Project Ideas

  1. Python Django Ecommerce Free Source code

The capstone project, “Python Django Ecommerce Free Source code,” is intended to replace the traditional business-to-consumer connection. This project is an ecommerce website and application that displays and sells things online. The established platform will function as a marketplace, serving, displaying, selling, and purchasing various types of products and goods. Sellers can utilize a platform to create an online advertisement that can reach a large number of consumers. Selling products through personal means and traditional approaches hindered business owners, thus researchers developed systems to adapt to and improve the basic market methods.

  1. Open source Ecommerce in Laravel

The “Open Source Ecommerce in Laravel” capstone project is an online storefront that features a variety of products. By scrolling and perusing the page, this website will serve as a marketplace for online sellers and customers to sell and buy goods. Because individuals can find it time-consuming and inconvenient to visit businesses to buy particular products, they now shop and sell online, which has led to an enormous increase in internet commerce. This platform will be very helpful and important in these times because it offers distribution services. The customers can freely publish and scroll online on this website as well. It is safe and efficient because the seller can automate their sales on this platform.

  1. Ecommerce App using WooCommerce with Flutter

Technology’s rapid advancement reshaped commercial transactions and operations. Various computer technologies and the internet enable firms to centralize their operations and run their operations profitably. Technological advancements have considerably increased corporate productivity as well as overall consumer experience and happiness. Improving business operations through the use of technological innovation is a goal shared by many IT specialists and researchers to provide a solution that will be employed in the commerce and business industries in the future. The researcher of the capstone project titled “Ecommerce App utilizing WooCommerce with flutter” develops an ecommerce platform that smoothly integrates the ecommerce platform in business operations and transactions in this project.

  1. Basic Ecommerce Website in Django Free Source code

The capstone project, “Basic Ecommerce Website in Django,” is intended to replace the traditional business-to-consumer connection. The website would make it easier for businesses and individuals to sell and buy things. Traditionally, goods are sold and purchased on a one-on-one basis. Customers will visit the store to look for products and manually buy them, and the sellers will have a physical store where they display their products and goods.

  1. Ecommerce Website in Django Free Source code

The capstone project entitled, “Ecommerce Website in Django” is designed to transition the traditional business to consumer relationship. The website will streamline the sale and purchase of goods by businesses and consumers. Traditionally, selling and buying goods are done through personal means. The sellers have their physical store that displays their products and goods and customers will visit the store to look for products and manually buy them.

  1. Ecommerce Development using WooCommerce Plugin

The project entitled development of ecommerce using woo commerce plugin is drag and drop application using WordPress cms. WordPress is one of the most CMS platform being used to create blogs, personal and corporate websites and many more, with the use and help of plugins; you can convert WordPress into a simple and functional ecommerce website.

  1. NFT Marketplace System Build Using Django

Everything has certainly become more advanced and technical due to information technology. The capstone project, “NFT Marketplace System Built Using Django,” is intended to serve as a centralized and highly secure platform for NFT traders. Registered accounts will be able to upload NFTs such as digital artworks to the system. Traders can browse and bid on NFTs on the aforementioned marketplace. The researchers will use Django to build the software, ensuring that all NFT things are secure and that the original owner receives the proceeds.

  1. Online Shop in CodeIgniter

The capstone project, “Online Store in CodeIgniter,” is a sort of ecommerce platform for a variety of products. The app will transform a typical store into a virtual one. The program will be used to provide a list of products and their description and prices, allowing buyers to examine and purchase them online. The program will eliminate the need for customers to spend too much time shopping in a physical store because they can do so from the comfort of their own homes. They can then buy the products they choose with only a few swipes and clicks. The program will make buying products online simple, quick, and convenient.

  1. Modern Ecommerce Website in Reactjs and Redux

The capstone project, “Modern Ecommerce Website (Reactjs & Redux),” is an online selling website where various products are displayed. This website will act as a marketplace for online vendors and buyers to sell and buy products by scrolling and browsing the page. A standard website does not cater to the needs and expectations of its visitors. It is less satisfying due to its limited features and approach. The access to this type of website is slow, and the content is not succinct and does not provide precise information. There are classic websites that can only be accessed through PCs, which are not portable and are not user pleasant at all. This technique will be reduced and improved in this modern type of website project built with Reactjs and Redux.

  1. Shoe Shop App in Flutter Free Source Code

Nowadays, people have become highly reliant on mobile applications to do their daily errands. The capstone project, entitled “Shoe Shop App in Flutter” is like an ecommerce platform designed only for shoes. The application will extend the traditional shoe shop to a virtual one. A list of shoes and their designs will be posted using the application allowing customers to view and buy them online. The application will eliminate the need to invest too much time in buying shoes for the customer can do it in the comfort of their home. With just a few swipes and clicks they can then buy shoes that they want. The application will make shoe shopping easy, fast, convenient, and efficient.

  1. Furniture App Store in Flutter

The software is capable of expediting furniture marketing operations by publishing it with several designs for the customer’s consideration. In terms of customers, the app will provide them with a handy way to shop for furniture without having to visit a physical store. The application will allow them to visualize the furniture’s design and order it immediately with a few clicks. The program will make furniture purchasing easier, faster, more convenient, and more efficient.

  1. Store Owner App in Flutter Free Source Code

The improvements in the business industry are proven to be driven by technology. The capstone project entitled “Store Owner App in Flutter” is another innovation designed as a business tool. The said application will fuel store owners with an efficient platform to manage their stores. The application will significantly increase their operational efficiency as well as their customer’s satisfaction.

  1. Mobile Based Shopping Cart Application

The project entitled Mobile Based Shopping Cart Application was written in JQuery Mobile and compiled as a mobile application using Phone gap Build. The purpose of the study is to design, develop, evaluate and implement the proposed system that will help the company in providing an increase of sales thru developing a Mobile Based Shopping Cart Application. Mobile Based Shopping Cart Application presents a different aspect in terms of developing the study, including on how it will meet the expectations of the customer.

  1. Sales and Inventory with Decision Support System in PHP and MySQL

The project entitled Sales and Inventory with Decision Support System is intended to replace the manual process of sales and inventory. It was developed using PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap. The said project is an online platform which means that the transactions can be access through the internet or it can also be access in local area network.

  1. Food Ordering App in Flutter Free Source Code

Online Food Ordering is the process of ordering food without needing to go to a restaurant especially now that we are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic which limits our outdoor activities. In line with this, the capstone project, entitled “Food Ordering App in Flutter” was proposed to be developed by the researchers. This is a food ordering application that makes ordering food simpler and more convenient. This project will bring convenience to the users in ordering foods from their desired restaurants. The application is user-friendly and will allow users to simply select their orders, customize their orders according to their preference and check out.

  1. POS with Ecommerce Web Application

The researchers conducted the study to assess how different business owners and operators integrate technology in their daily operations and transactions. The use of Ecommerce platforms and POS system became popular with the emergence of technology and the internet. However, some businesses have not fully adopted the integration of ecommerce and point of sale systems. Some businesses are not fully geared with technology that will help them improve business efficiency, productivity, and customer relationship.

  1. Online Store Application in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap

The purpose of the study is to design, develop, evaluate and implement the proposed system that will help the company in providing an increase of sales thru developing an online store application. The application presents a different aspect in terms of developing the study, including on how it will meet the expectations of the customer.

  1. Medicine Delivery Web App in PHP and Bootstrap

The project entitled Medicine Delivery Web App is an online platform that allows the customers to order a medicine online. This is somewhat a version of ecommerce project that focuses on medicine ordering and delivery services. The said project was based on PHP and Bootstrap. The focus of this article is to give you an idea on what are the interfaces or form designs needed to develop an online platform for medicine ordering and delivery services.

  1. Multi Branch ecommerce Store product delivery management system

All types of companies are now seeking to thoroughly optimize their operations to achieve long-term survival and success. To effectively use their operations, businesses use technology to automate company procedures, improve services, and improve customer experience. The capstone project, entitled Multi Branch ecommerce Store Product Delivery Management System is designed as a centralized platform wherein various branches of an ecommerce store can manage the delivery of their products. It is responsible for maintaining all records and tracking each delivery of products from their point of origin to their final destination.

  1. Ecommerce (online store) Project Proposal

Ecommerce or Online Store is fast gaining ground as an accepted and used business paradigm. More and more business houses are implementing web sites providing functionality for performing commercial transactions over the web. It is reasonable to say that the process of shopping on the web is becoming commonplace. The objective of this project is to develop a product catalogue where any product of Company Name (such as Laptops, computers, mobile phones, electronic items, and many more) can be view and users can request items online using their laptops, desktops and even your mobile smart phones.

  1. Medical Store Management System in Django

This study was conducted to delve into the daily operations, activities, and transactions in a medical store. The researchers wanted to assess medical store management processes and look for room for development. After gathering prior data, the researchers have found out that medical stores need an efficient and systematic system to simplify and digitally transform their operations and transactions.

  1. Fruit Grocery App in Flutter Free Source Code

Today’s technology has made a significant contribution to people’s daily routines and regimens. Individuals’ lives and jobs are made easier by technology. The capstone project, “Fruit Grocery App in Flutter,” is a fruit grocery automation application. Users will be able to purchase fruit from the comfort of their own homes using the aforementioned application. They will only need to download and install the app on their cell phones to browse for the fruit they require and place an order. This is a type of ecommerce platform that is only for fruit goods.

  1. System Module of Online Shop Application in PHP and MySQL

This online shop focuses on hardware products such as the bike and auto parts. It is a simple application that will help companies in processing the order of their clients and as well as to monitor their product inventory. The said project was written in PHP and MySQL, and you may contact the developer for the source code and project customization.

  1. Online Shopping and Inventory System with Sales Management

The company used to have a process of manual ordering and purchasing where in the client/s asks for products they want through the help of a staff. If the client decided to purchase or buy the products then they will just pay it to the same person. The manual system, the level of service is dependent on individuals. It can also be too easy to accidentally switch details and end up with inconsistency in data entry or in hand written orders. It is also time consuming and costly to produce reports, duplication of data entry can’t be avoided and most of all it lacks security.

  1. Multi-tenancy Based Food Grocery & Ecommerce Builder Platform

Business has risen as the world has begun to develop, and the purpose of technology is truly advantageous in all aspects of the business field. The capstone project, “Multi-tenancy Based Food Grocery and Ecommerce Builder Platform,” is intended to let numerous users quickly build several food grocery stores or other stores to sell their goods and products via an online platform. The system would enable business owners and clients to conduct transactions in real-time. The system will automate the process of selling groceries.


Technology is credited with fostering transformation in a variety of businesses and institutions. The world has changed tremendously as a result of information technology. It’s impossible to think of a company or organization that hasn’t benefited from technological advancements. The most typical application of IT in these organizations has been to automate a variety of operations and transactions in order to improve efficiency and people’s overall experience and delight. The capstone project ideas discussed above will be useful in business industry. It will help to improve operational efficiency and the services offered to project users.

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