eCommerce Development using WooCommerce Plugin

eCommerce Development using WooCommerce Plugin


WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully. Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world’s favorite eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control.


The aim of the project is develop an ecommerce solution with less coding or programming using CMS or content management system specifically WordPress. The said cms is really not intended for ecommerce but with the help of 3rd party tool or plugin, it will convert your wordpress website into an ecommerce site.


Store Owner – this will create another opportunity for the business or store owner to expand their market online. Adding an ecommerce platform to your business means a lot because most or some of the customers right now prefer to buy items online.

Clients/Customers – the platform is really intended for the customers because without them your online business/store will be nothing. This platform will be a great help for them, it will save money, effort and time for ordering the products they want. Ordering of products is click away.

Researcher/Developer – using wordpress and woocommerce will save the researchers from coding and programming.

Future Researchers – this will serve as a reference or a guide for the next group for students who wants to design and develop a system that is related to this project.

Features and System Modules

WordPress Control Panel – The WordPress admin area is the administration center of a WordPress powered website. An administrator has full access to all the sections within the WordPress Admin Area.

At the top of each administration screen is the toolbar or admin bar. It provides access to several administrative functions. On the left side is the main navigation that provides access to most of the WordPress management tools. Each major section typically comes with a sub-menu that can fly out and expand to show extra options.

Products Module – the product module is the main part of the plugin, it is where you create/add your products information. The information includes the product name, description, price, discounted price, category, inventory control, and other attributes. List of products can be imported from CSV file and it can also be exported or the system can generate CSV file.

Categories Module – you can group your products into categories and the category module will help you to do that.

Orders Module – every time the customer places an order the order detail will reflect in the order module where the administrator can review your orders and approve or disapprove it.

Reports Module – the administrator can monitor the sales, orders and items purchased in the reports module of the plugin. Inventory report is also generated and all other reports can be exported into CSV format. In addition the reports are user friendly because it is presented in a graphical manner.

eCommerce Development using WooCommerce Plugin - Report Module
eCommerce Development using WooCommerce Plugin – Report Module

Settings Module –information such as the address, contact person, email and other information about the store can be configured in this module. Shopping and currency options can also be modified in part of the plugin.

Database Schema/Design

We will post another article for the detailed database design, stay tuned.


  • WooCommerce is Open Source
  • More than 400 official extensions
  • Many More

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