Web Based Electricity Billing and Payment System with SMS Notification and Mobile App Support

Web Based Electricity Billing and Payment System with SMS Notification and Mobile App Support


The proposed electricity billing and payment system is a web based system to be developed using PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap. It is intended to replace the manual process of operation into an automated one. The said project will have two subsystems namely the billing module and the payment module. The billing module is responsible for recording the monthly bills of its customer supported with sms notification to inform their clients about their respective bills in a faster way. Meanwhile the payment module is responsible for recording the payment of its customers, in this module collection report will be included to determine the amount collected and the amount to be collected for a specific period of time. The project will use the iTexMo SMS api for the sms notification part of the project and to make the project more convenient to use the researcher will also develop a mobile app for IOS and Android.


The objectives of the proposed web based electricity billing and payment system with sms notification are the following:

  1. To design and develop a web based electricity billing and payment system with sms notification.
  2. To transform the manual process of operation into automated to reduce the manual processing  time.
  3. To reduce the need of maintaining paper electric bill as the proposed project will record the bills in an electronic manner.
  4. To reduce human efforts, resources and accuracy of transactions and reports.
  5. To create a mobile app version of the project.


The following are the target beneficiaries of the project:

Management and Employees of the company –  the proposed project will be very helpful to the management and staff of the company because the workload will be minimized and the reports are automatically generated accurately.

Customers – the customers will be informed of their bills via text or sms that will make them aware of their payment schedule and deadline.

Features and System Modules

Billing Module – it includes the generation and archiving of monthly bills as well as the sms support feature.

Payment Module – this module will handle the payment transactions of the customers.

Collection Module – the collection module is the inventory of payment and collectible report.

User Management – it is the module of the project in which the administrator of the system specifies the role and task of the different system users such as cashiers and the person in-charge of billing.

Mobile App Support – the researcher intends to develop a mobile version of the project in the customer side.

Customer Module – this module will include the information of the customers such as the personal information, bills record and payment history.

Database Schema/Design

For the design of the database please comment down below your email or facebook account


The implementation of this project will make the transactions easier and faster both to management and customers. System automation will also result to less consumption of paper and produce accurate reports.

Development Tools

PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap for web version

Java, Android Studio for Android Application



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