Employee Performance Evaluation System Database Design

Title: Employee Performance Evaluation System Database Design


The Human Resource will address the Automation of the Performance of the employees as regard to what is monitored on them. Their performance would be according to the qualities of what they’re working on. On the present situation, the performance of the employees were poorly evaluated and monitored before, during and after every period of their jobs. Although Human Resource would evaluate them, it is a very ideal thing for them to accomplish every evaluation of the employees regularly to update their performance their quality of work. The Human Resource Management Office used to have a process of manual performance evaluation system. The employee evaluators manage/conduct the manual system and other staffs of Human Resource Management Office are the one who compute the results of performance evaluation. During the process, it takes time to do all paper works and the validity of results. There are also some instances that some documents are being misplaced and lack of security. The Web-Based Employee Performance Evaluation System will improve the current system of the organization. The documents will be secured and the employees can gain knowledge about their performance and the data will be sent directly to the Human Resource Management Office. The works will be lessening because of the new system that we proposed.

The Process of this Web-Based Evaluation System allows the respondents to log in and evaluate an employee. The respondents can also identify the position, name, and id number of the employee they want to evaluate. Employee’s information can also be updated.

Employee evaluation of performance helps the Human Resource to identify and to support effective evaluation and provide the state college community with information about the quality of performance of employees.

Database Schema with description of table:

Employee Performance Evaluation System Table Relationship
Employee Performance Evaluation System Table Relationship

tbluser (id, fullname, username, password, contact, designation)

tbldepartment (id, departmentname)

tbldesignation (id, designationame)

tblemployee (id, schoolid, lastname, firstname, middlename, departmentid, status, designationid, evaluatorid, image, username, password)

tblevaluator (id, employeeid)

tblrating (id, employeeid, evaluatorid, taskid, qualityscore, efficiencyscore, timelinessscore, accuracyscore, remarks, date)

tbltask (id, employeeid, taskdetail, successindicator, actualaccomplishment)


Manage Admin Details (id, name, contact, designation, username, password)

Manage Department (id, deptname)

Manage Employee Profile (empid, schoolid, emplastname, empfirstname, empmiddlename, department, status(regular, part-time), designation, supervisor ,username, password)

Rating Sheet (id, empid, supervisor, successindicator, outputtype(strategic, support functions), actualaccomplishment, quality, efficiency, timeliness, accuracy, remarks, final rating)


  • Ranking of Results by Employee Status (regular, jo, casual, part-time)
  • Individual IPCR Report


View Profile (schoolid, lastname, firstname, middlename, department, designation)

  • Update username and password
  • Encode successindicator, outputtype, actualaccomplishment

View Employee under his or her supervision

  • Rate quality, efficiency, timeliness, accuracy of employee under his or her supervision

Flow of the System

  1. The admin will first encode all the department
  2. The admin will then encode the employee details
  3. The Employee will login to the system to encode its functions, success indicator, and actual accomplishment and update the system; this record will proceed to rating sheet.
  4. The supervisor will rate the employee under his or her supervision.
  5. The Admin will then print the ranking of results by employee status (part-time, regular)

Development Tools:

PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap

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