Online Shop in CodeIgniter

Online Shop in CodeIgniter


The way we live and do business has changed as a result of technological advancements. It has had a tremendous impact on the way businesses operate. Businesses have begun to use various technologies and the internet to more efficiently simplify corporate procedures and improve company plans and marketing, especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the country. The capstone project, “Online Shop in CodeIgniter,” is an electronic platform for selling a variety of products that were created with CodeIgniter, an open-source software rapid development web framework for constructing dynamic websites with PHP. The project aims to eliminate the traditional business-to-consumer relationship. Businesses and people would be able to sell and acquire items more easily through online stores. Traditionally, goods have been sold and bought one-on-one. Customers will go to the store to search for products and buy them in person, and merchants will have a physical location where they may showcase their products. With the deployment of the Online Shop, businesses will be able to expand their retail operations and services. They may reach a large number of people due to the simplicity with which they can obtain things through the system. The CodeIgniter will be used to build this website, making it easy to use for the end-user. The user interface will be easier to use. To create a project, the researchers will employ the SDLC approach. After it has been developed, the researcher will test and check the app to ensure that it is functional and runs smoothly. A panel of IT professionals will assess the completed application to make recommendations for future enhancements and improvements.

Introduction of the Study

The capstone project, “Online Store in CodeIgniter,” is a sort of e-commerce platform for a variety of products. The app will transform a typical store into a virtual one. The program will be used to provide a list of products and their description and prices, allowing buyers to examine and purchase them online. The program will eliminate the need for customers to spend too much time shopping in a physical store because they can do so from the comfort of their own homes. They can then buy the products they choose with only a few swipes and clicks. The program will make buying products online simple, quick, and convenient.

Various products such as laptops, RTW, and others have traditionally been acquired from their physical stores and shops. They are presented in a physical store, allowing buyers to browse and find products that suit their preferences. This form of purchasing has been around for a long time and is now outdated, especially as technology advances. As the need for retail products grows, so does the competition in this industry. Each business or store should improve its marketing methods to increase sales while also providing customers with the convenience of purchasing a variety of products. Integrating technology into the workplace has become popular, providing businesses with a competitive advantage in terms of expanding their target market and consumer base. This is the gap that the researchers have identified and would like to close.

Proposed Solution

The researchers suggested building an Online Shop in CodeIgniter to address the aforementioned issues. The plan will convert the present retail company to an electronic shop, with items being offered and purchased through the internet. The platform will allow businesses to expand their retail operations and services. They may reach a large number of people due to the simplicity with which they can obtain things through the system. Amid the pandemic, this Platform is quite valuable. Customers will no longer be necessary to acquire products through personal interaction because they can now purchase them online and have them delivered to their doorstep. Customers will be able to comprehend and use the website because of its simple design.

Objectives of the Study

General Objectives – The main goal of the researchers is to develop and implement an Online Shop developed using CodeIgniter.

The following are the specific objectives of the project:

  1. To be able to provide a platform that helps end-users achieve their business and E-commerce objectives.
  2. To build a strong marketing platform capable of acquiring a large number of customers.
  3. To provide an online platform for looking for commodities and merchandise to save consumers time and effort when purchasing products in person.
  4. To develop a simple and unique technique for selling and delivering items rapidly.
  5. To make shopping and browsing online more convenient for customers.
  6. To evaluate the system in terms of user acceptability, maintainability, productivity, quality, and efficacy.

Scope of the Study

The researchers are primarily focused on developing a project specifically for retail businesses. The researchers will develop a project that will allow retailers to sell their products and services online, as well as allow consumers to buy products and services online. The internet platform will reach a larger number of clients due to its accessibility, availability, and user convenience. The intended users of the aforementioned system are retail enterprises and their customers. The platform will be designed to look like a standard eCommerce website.

Significance of the Study

The following are considered to benefit from the project’s success:

Retail Businesses. Retailers can get a competitive advantage by incorporating the web platform into their operations. They may successfully market their business and give a platform for buyers to complete the product purchase transaction quickly and effortlessly.

Customers. The internet platform enables consumers to view and purchase things at any time and from any location with ease.

Researchers. The study’s success will improve their research abilities and knowledge.

Future Researchers. If they want to create their version of the Online Shop in CodeIgniter, they can use the study as a starting point.

Development Tools

The capstone project, “Online Shop in CodeIgniter” will automate and streamline the process of shopping for a variety of products online such as laptops and RTWs. The application will simplify the process of buying products.

This post will provide you with an idea of what forms should be included in an Online Shop in CodeIgniter. The application was created using CodeIgniter Framework.

The project documentation is available upon request (chapters 1 to 5). Please contact us if you require the whole project documents.

Project Highlights

The Online Shop in CodeIgniter will automate the process of selling and buying a variety of products. The software will function as an e-commerce platform.

The Online Shop has the following benefits:

  1. Easy business process navigation – records management, customer transactions, and report preparation are all lot easier to handle.
  2. Records Management – a database system that makes order records electronic, safe, dependable, and rapid.
  3. Generation of Reports – The system may generate real-time reports on orders in the shop.

How the System Works

This section of the paper will explain the forms, modules and user interface of the Online Shop in CodeIgniter. The researchers will discuss the features and functions of the system.

Dashboard – this module serves as the main page of the system administrator wherein major records are displayed and managed.

The dashboard displays the following information:

  • Orders In
  • Successful Transaction
  • Subscriber
  • Category
  • Product
  • Promo
  • Email Sent
  • Testimonials

The image shown below is the design of the system’s Dashboard.

Online Shop in CodeIgniter - Dashboard
Online Shop in CodeIgniter – Dashboard

All Products –  this module will allow the customer to browse the list of products which are up for selling. The module will display the image of the products, the brand, description and price.

The image displayed below is the design of the All Products module.

Online Shop in CodeIgniter - All Products
Online Shop in CodeIgniter – All Products

Order Data – this module will allow the admin to manage the order details.

The following order data will be encoded in the module:

  • Code/Invoice
  • Name
  • Total Orders
  • Order Date
  • Status
  • Action

Shown below is the design of the Order Data module.

Online Shop in CodeIgniter - Order Data
Online Shop in CodeIgniter – Order Data

Credits to the developers of the project

Demo admin:
Username: admin
Password: admin

whatsapp +6282322105137


Real estate companies have updated their marketing strategy in response to the fierce rivalry in the retail industry. The researchers researched to develop an Online Shop in CodeIgniter for retail businesses. The developed system was offered to its intended users for feedback. According to the findings of the study, the created system satisfies the demands and requirements of the respondents and intended users. The system’s effectiveness and dependability in accelerating the buying and selling of items and services have been noted by the majority of project responders. As a result, the researchers concluded that the devised system is an effective tool for retailers.


The researchers were inspired by the study’s excellent findings to strongly campaign for the system’s implementation. Because of the effectiveness and dependability, it may deliver to the intended consumers, the system is highly recommended. The solution will improve the overall experience of both retailers and customers. The researchers stress the need of understanding how to use the system appropriately to complete a transaction correctly.

The following are the specific recommendations of the researchers:

  1. Traditional retail organizations should implement the Online Shop in CodeIgniter to boost their marketing strategy and business effectiveness, according to experts.
  2. Customers should use the online platform to conveniently and pleasantly obtain items and services, according to the report.

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