Online Shopping Augmented Reality Capstone Project

Online Shopping Augmented Reality Capstone Project


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The “Online Shopping Augmented Reality” is a capstone project that allows user to shop online with the use of augmented reality. The use of augmented reality allows users to preview products or even experience services in their own environment and on their own time, before purchasing the product.

Online Shopping with Augmented Reality Capstone Project
Online Shopping Augmented Reality Capstone Project

Online shopping has unquestionably improved our shopping habits. The world of online shopping, like everything else, has its drawbacks. Despite the best efforts of the companies, consumers do still deal with a few issues while shopping online. The most prominent issue when shopping online is the quality of products. The biggest issue with buying products online is that you have no way of knowing how good a product is. Reviews aren’t always trustworthy, and no amount of testing will guarantee a product’s quality; dishonest sellers who purposefully deceive consumers in order to boost sales are the leading cause of faulty goods being sold online.

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution to resolve the problems mentioned above is to create an Online Shopping Augmented Reality. By using the software in shopping online, quality issues of the product will be lessen. Users will be able to preview items using their phones or tablets in a way that makes it seem as if they are right there touching them. The augmented reality approach would include using a monitor, phone, or tablet screen as a mirror to represent a shopper and their surroundings while overlaying the selected garments on the shopper’s image.

Objective of the Study

General Objective – the main objective of this study is to design and develop an advanced online shopping platform using augmented reality.

The specific objectives of the study are the following:

  1. To develop an online shopping platform that uses augmented reality.
  2. Develop a system that will let users to preview products before buying.
  3. The proposed system will lessen quality issues and faulty products.
  4. To develop a system that will improve customer experience and efficiency of online shopping.
  5. Complete the development of the system according to the timeframe or project schedule.
  6. To produce documentation that records the phases, task and deliverables of the study.

Significance of the Study

The success of the study is deemed beneficial to the following:

Online Shoppers. As the end-user of the system, they will be directly benefited. Shopping online will be efficient through the use of AR and will lessen possible issues they might encounter in availing the products. They can preview products and be more likely to pick the right one.

Online Shop Owners. The system will increase the credibility and improve their service rendered to the customers. The use of the system will assure the customers about the quality of their products.

Researchers. The researcher of the study will gain knowledge and skills in properly utilizing the advancement of technology for the benefit of the people. The capstone project is very challenging for the researchers since it is an Augmented Reality project. By the end of the day, it could be very satisfying on the end of the researchers if the project would be successful.

Future Researchers. They can use this study as a baseline for their own pursuit of the study.

Development Tools of the project

By definition augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. Using AR, your customers can preview products and be more likely to pick the right product the first time. Researchers may choose from the following tools for the development of the Online Shopping with Augmented Reality.

  • Vuforia
  • ARKit
  • ARmedia
  • EasyAR
  • MaxST
  • ARToolKit
  • ARCore

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