Web Based Voting System with Mobile Application using PHP, MySQL and JQuery Mobile

Web Based Voting System with Mobile Application using PHP and MySQL


Nowadays, technologies are very useful in our everyday life. As technology grow faster, manual works are being replaced by computers or any advanced technology that makes our work faster and easy.

The rapid growth of Information and Communication Technologies and the progress of computer in people’s everyday lives in conjunction with the need for more, better and economical school services to the students have led the past few years to the development of voting system throughout most of schools. In this context, democratic societies face the challenge to improve student participation in political debate and policy formation processes, realizing the concept of a voting system with mobile application. The most important thing here is the participation of the student or the user so they may know how to use and operate the said system.

Voting system especially with the contribution of mobile application to our system has attracted lately the attention of many schools as manual voting to automatic voting with the hope  the student’s to increase their participation and reduce the cost. While participation initiatives have been deployed across the schools with mixed results from the students. As internet highly known by everyone and use, voting system with mobile application came as an alternative and easier way to vote automatically and thus was rapidly accepted.

Recent   effort to implement automated voting in schools faced many challenges, such as lack of information communication technologies. The lack of trust in automated affects very seriously any effort to migrate from the manual voting procedures to an electric voting system, since voting is a fundamental process in any schools.

We the proponents would like to develop a system-oriented trust management approach that handles automated voting and automatic counting of vote. The approach targets all the phases of system design, implementation and testing in the system. This approach is currently being applied for the implementation of voting system that will be initially deployed in an actual voting process.

Statement of the Problem

Some institutions are still using a manual method in electing their SSG Officer. Wherein it is a time consuming and the voters cannot know automatically the vote per candidate. We would like to develop an Online Voting System with Mobile Application to our said recipient so that we can help them in doing their job easily. It is a less time consuming and the voters would automatically know the votes per candidate. It would benefit a lot to the school librarian who is in task in managing the voting of SSG candidate to the student. It would be a less consuming in time. She would easily know who among the candidates won for their position that acquires a higher vote to the student. The student also can benefit to our system because they would not fall in line just to get a piece of paper that involve a username and password before they can vote. In this system of us, since it involved a mobile application the student can download an application wherein they can easily vote there. As long as the person who are downloading that application is a student of the institution.

Current State of Technology

As technology become broader now a day. Changes occur suddenly. Most changes happen to convert manual work into computerized ones. Making our work easily with the help of World Wide Web and the internet everything is possible. There are a lot of changes that would happen in a short period of time. Most organizations, companies and schools do follow trend to be updated and to have what’s the latest in the cloud and in the market.

The school librarian told us that they only used manual method in voting and counting votes. Voting is held only in one of their classroom and it takes a lot of time and effort for the student. Voters need to write their desire candidate in a paper, students need to write the name of their desire candidate as clear as they can so that the election canvasser will count it correctly.

When the voting ends the school librarian will be the one who will announce who among the candidates win for their election.


General Objectives

To improve the process of voting of our recipient from manual to automate by the use of Voting System with Mobile Application that is more easy, reliable and accurate to use.

Specific Objectives

Specifically this study aims to:

  • To increase the speed up and efficiency of electoral task and faster electoral results.
  • The said system has an auto count that can automatically give points to the selected candidate of the student.
  • Shows the results after voting ended.
  • To make voting for the student easier and clear.
  • In this system the list of candidates are already their provided with their name, course and picture. Student just needs to click the candidate to vote.
  • To improve capacity to identify and prevent frauds.
  • Every student has a unique password generated by the system by the use of their school ID. The voter can only login once.

Scope and Limitation

  • The system has file maintenance for candidates and voters.
  • The system is capable of printing the results.
  • This system can automatically count the votes and when the voting is ended it can show the winning candidate.
  • The system also comprises the ability of the system administrator to add and remove users as well as updating their information.
  • The system has a log in form for students and the administrator.

Development Tools:

PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, JQuery Mobile, Phonegap Build

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