Web Based Dynamic Voting System Free Download Source code

Web Based Student Council Voting System
Web Based Dynamic Voting System Free Download Source code

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Create Date April 23, 2017
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Web Based Dynamic voting system free download source code
System Features
monitoring of voted and non voted students
user accounts and user groups and privileges
student list, import list from excel or csv file, password generator for students and print list
manage party list (create, update, delete, search and print)

candidates (name, course, year, partylist, position, image)
electoral position (election term, position code, position name)
list of courses
election config (election name, election term, election date, time start, time end)



14 Responses to Web Based Dynamic Voting System Free Download Source code

  1. mash says:

    hi. do you have chapter 1 on this one?

  2. ajax says:

    Hi I can’t find DB connection in your scripts ..please can you provide ??

  3. un says:

    Hi i can’t locate the username and password in the database ?

  4. sam says:

    I can’t open the web. It says ”
    Notice: Undefined index: command in C:\xampp\htdocs\webbasedvotingfreedownload\voting\API\index.php on line 21” pls. help

  5. sam says:

    Notice: Undefined index: command in C:\xampp\htdocs\voting\API\index.php on line 21
    please help…

  6. jsakgdjad says:

    ip address is required? whats that?

  7. jsakgdjad says:

    sir pano po kung nakaupload na sa internet anu na ung ip address?

  8. Eucalve says:

    hi, the login system asked for username, password and ip address

  9. Justic bobbie says:

    Hey, My was working okay but suddenly i can not even login. Please i need immediate help.

  10. jobdone says:

    Why i can’t login?

    Username: admin
    password: admin
    ip: 1

    when i click sign in nothing happens?
    its always processing

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