Online Grading System with Subject Reservation System using PHP and MySQL

Online Grading System with Subject Reservation System using PHP and MySQL

Project Context

Online Grading System with Subject Reservation System will give solution to the problem of students’ awareness with regards to their academic performances, and will contribute to the organization efficiency of the student grade record management. It is importantly needed for students’ awareness in monitoring their academic performances, and to the teachers for identifying students with excellent performances or students that need support if they are not performing well, and can serve as basis for formulating programs to attain high quality education.

Teachers, students and School Administrators like the College chairman are the possible authorized users of the system. The system establishes level of authority to protect the records from malicious acts and for security reasons. There are three types of users to login the system; the teacher account which allows teachers to input or encode student grades per subjects, also to update their students’ grades but with restrictions because the updates of grades is controlled by the system administrator to eliminate grade update; the administrator which has the full access to the system and the Student account which allows students to view their grades.  The system accepts grades encoded by teachers; then processes the encoded information and produces reports according to the information entered. The report shows the student’s name, student’s term grade, subjects, remarks and instructor’s name.

The Student Grade Management System is divided into following menus:

  • Login -the log in menu is composed by three (3) sub menus; namely the admin, faculty and student log in. These sub menus serve as log in menus to access the three (3) users within the system, the administrator account which is responsible for setting and filling information needed to run the system function the faculty account which is responsible in giving student’s term grades and the student account which can only view grades.
  • System -this menu is consisting of system’s shortcuts and the system’s developer information.

Administrator Account

Query- this includes the account’s functions in setting the system’s information. The following functions are presented below:

  • Subject- allows administrator to set the subject information.
  • Section- allows administrator to get the section information.
  • Year- allows administrator to get the year information.
  • School year- allows administrator to get the school year information.
  • Student- allows administrator to get the student information.
  • Faculty- allows administrator to set the faculty info which can also give the view of the faculty list.
  • Student subject- allows administrator to set the faculty subject info

-also gives info about faculty project

  • Edit grade- allows administrator to edit students’ grade set in case there are grade errors.
  • Grade report- allows administrator to print student grade reports.

Help-serves as user’s manual.

Faculty Account

Controls-the main menu for the faculty account. This includes the accounts control and function activities.

  • Profile-controls submenu which enables the faculty user to change selected information for his profile
  • Input grade-allows faculty to input their students’ term grade
  • Student list-give to faculty the list of his or her students in a certain subject
  • Student grade-allows faculty to view and print his or her student term grades
  • Help- serves as user’s manual.

Student Account

  • Student View Grade –allows student to view his or her grades.
  • Select Subject to reserve
  • Help- serves as user’s manual

Development Tools:

PHP7, MySQL, Bootstrap, JQuery

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