Barcode Based Document Control and Management System

Barcode Based Document Control and Management System

Introduction of the Study

Every day we are dealing with loads of documents especially those in business industry and such. It is time costly to keep track with critical information. To address this problem, the researcher of the study entitled Barcode Based Document Control and Management System aimed to develop a system that will utilized barcodes in different documents for easy access and filing. Using barcodes will let the user avoid human errors upon managing documents. Barcodes add efficiency and accuracy to your document management.

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The proposed system will made a difference from the manual system of document control and management. The manual system is very prone on human errors that would be eliminated when we utilized this proposed system.

Barcode Based Document Control and Management System
Barcode Based Document Control and Management System

Current Technology

The current process of archiving the documents is done manually using the folder and cabinet method which seems to be stressful if you have a lot of documents to be arranged and archived, aside from that searching and locating of documents is also a major concern.

With the specified issue about the manual process, it is strongly recommended to design and develop an information system that is efficient in the archiving process of documents.

How the project works

The system can be accessed by three user groups which are the administrator, department head, and secretary. Each and every user type has its own scope and privilege; administrator can access every features of the system and conduct system and database maintenance, the department head can review and revise the compiled files by the secretary, and the secretary is the one who scans the document and save the scanned docs to the system for filing purposes.

The secretary will login to the system, scans a document, save the document and attached a barcode to the document for easy retrieval and filing. The secretary can also arrange the files by folders based on their purpose and category. Department head can view the documents and update the necessary changes if ever.

Revisions may be requested by the client in order to conform it to their business needs and requirements.

System Implementation

The proposed system entitled Barcode Based Document Control and Management System will be presented to the end user. The researcher will be providing questionnaire to the end user to answer difficulties that might be encountered upon operating the system. Also the user can provide suggestions and recommendations to the proponents to further enhance the system.

Objectives of the Study

  • To develop a system that uses barcode in managing information that provides accuracy in collecting information.
  • To provide a system that will help different firms that is dealing with heavy loads of documents.
  • To develop a system that is fast, accurate and efficient.
  • To develop a system that is accessible by the user.
  • To develop a system that will reduce hassle in managing different documents.

Significance of the Study

The following individuals or group will benefit from the study:

User. This system is very easy to use. The user can be employees from different firms which are dealing loads of documents in an organization. They would not waste a lot of their time and efforts in managing different documents. They just need to use the system.

Proponents. The success of the system will help the proponents in understanding their project.

Project Plan/SDLC

In this study, the researcher’s uses SDLC model, consist the six cycles which are: determining the project requirement, gathering of data, analyzing of data, system design and the coding phase.

First, is determining the requirements. It is where the researcher determines the requirements of the proposed system, whether software or hardware is to be used.

Second cycle is to gather data. This is where the researchers will conduct interviews to the management office in order for them to gather relevant data for the operation of the system. After gathering the data, it is time for them to analyses it.

Third cycle is to analyze. The researchers analyze the data for them to be able to identify the necessary information needed for the development of the proposed system to give some solutions.

Next cycle will be the phase designing, the researchers designed the system relating to the desire future. Specification and operation in detail and some conceptual model of the user requirements where produced.

The last cycle will be the coding. The researcher will encode all the codes with the helping hand of the technical expert to check if it has error or the program will debug successfully. They under goes testing using incorrect data, in order for them to determine the reliability of the system. Maintaining the system is also part of it.

Development Tools

The project can be develop by our team in two versions

  • Web version using PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap
  • Desktop version/LAN based using Visual Basic and MySQL/MariaDB

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