Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL

Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL


The rapid advancement of technology is the driving force behind the commercial industry’s progress. It alters how individuals communicate and do business. Courier businesses maintain a large amount of information, including shipping costs, delivery specifics such as who and where the products will be delivered, payment methods, and transaction completion. Shipping processes that are performed manually take time and are prone to human mistakes. The capstone project entitled, “Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL is designed to automate the management of courier logistics and track deliveries. It’s a piece of software that allows companies to manage logistics and track parcels electronically from point of origin to point of destination. The goal and characteristics of the system are examined and introduced in this study. In terms of successfully managing courier business pickup operations and shipments, the solution fills a gap created by the prior system. The SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) approach will be used to build the system. The researchers will assemble a sample size of participating courier company owners, staff, clients, and other end-users to test and check the system.

Introduction of the Study

The fierce rivalry in the business world has led companies to investigate and adjust their usage of technology to achieve a competitive advantage. The “Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL” capstone project is a software application written in the PHP programming language and MySQL for courier Logistics management automation. The concept will enable businesses to manage logistics and track freight or deliveries from point of origin to point of destination electronically.

E-commerce has been popular in recent years as a result of the convenience it provides to both businesses and customers. Customers’ parcels and shipments are shipped by courier companies, which is the most crucial aspect of e-commerce. From assessing the shipping cost to delivery specifics such as who and where the products will be delivered, payment processes, and transaction completion, shipping processes have a lot of information to manage. Manually handling shipping processes takes time and is prone to human error. Businesses want excellent technologies to automate all procedures to expedite shipment efficiently and cost-effectively.

Proposed Solution

The researchers proposed the project “Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL” in answer to the aforementioned concerns. The proposed project is software that would assist courier companies in having an effective cargo delivery management tool. The system will be used to manage delivery details, tracking, and scheduling of couriered items, as well as analyze courier performance and keep consumers informed. The system will also function as a platform for the customer or parcel owner to access information about the package being delivered. The client can track the progress of the couriered item using the system. The said project will be developed using PHP and MySQL.

Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL
Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – The capstone project’s major goal is to design and implement a PHP and MySQL system that will appropriately monitor and record transactions in courier logistics businesses.

Specifically, the researchers aim the following objectives:

  1. The technology will assist the courier firm in keeping track of shipping and pickup mission counts.
  2. The system would allow the organization to track and monitor the delivery’s progress.
  3. To create a useful tool for managing package deliveries.
  4. To keep you up to date on the status of your shipment or pick-up mission.
  5. To evaluate the system’s acceptance, efficacy, productivity, quality, and dependability among users.

Scope of the Study

The primary goal of this research is to provide software that will simplify the management of courier storage logistics and shipment details. The researchers wanted to give courier firms a tool that would help them improve their efficiency and client happiness. The researchers will assemble a sample of courier company owners, employees, and clients to act as study participants.

Significance of the Study

The success of the project is significant to the following individuals/ groups:

Courier Management/Businesses. This would allow them to give more efficient services to their clientele. The cargos are picked up and delivered as promptly as feasible and in good condition thanks to the program. This would help them build a strong brand and obtain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Delivery Personnel. They would be able to deliver efficient services to their consumer’s customers thanks to the system. The technology will act as a platform for merchants, buyers, and delivery people to easily execute transactions.

Online Sellers. They would benefit from the system since it would provide a centralized system that would automate the activities and transactions associated with product shipment.

Customer. They will be able to seek updates on their shipping transactions more easily. They will be able to give shipping information as well as pay for their transaction using their preferred method of payment through the system.

Researchers. The system’s success will enable them to design another successful program to assist business sectors. Their programming skills and understanding will also improve as a result of their experience.

Future Researchers. If the study’s findings are noteworthy, they can use them as the foundation for their research.

Development Tools

Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL is a system for managing shipping transaction details electronically. The system will serve as a central location for all data related to a customer’s shipment or package.

This post will show you what forms should be included in Courier Logistics Software written in PHP and MySQL.

The project’s documentation is accessible upon request (chapters 1 to 5). Please contact us if you require the whole project documents.

Project Highlights

“Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL,” the capstone project, is a database-driven system that automates the processes of managing information for various product shipment transactions.

The System has the following advantages:

  1. Automated Information Management – The system will make it easier to retrieve and manage shipping transaction details.
  2. Records Management – This is a database system that converts paper records into electronic records that are safe, accurate, and dependable.
  3. Report Generation – the system generates and distributes income reports by month and payment type automatically.

How the System Works

The features and operation of the system are discussed in this portion of the article. The researchers will demonstrate the Courier Software’s forms, modules, and user interface in PHP and MySQL.

Dashboard – This dashboard serves as the main page of the courier system. The system’s dashboard displays the essential and primary records of the courier business.

The dashboard displays the following information:

  • Total Receivers
  • Total Shipment
  • Total Sent
  • Shipment Status
  • Most Active Users

The image displayed below is the design of the system’s dashboard.

Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL - Dashboard
Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL – Dashboard

Tracker – this page will allow the user to track their parcels or packages.

Shown below is the design of the tracker page.

Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL - Tracker
Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL – Tracker

Homepage – this serves as a landing page of the registered users when they access the system.

The image shown below is the design of the system’s homepage.

Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL - Homepage
Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL – Homepage

Credits to the developer of the project.

Feel free to try out the demo below:


To achieve business sustainability and success, all types of businesses currently strive to fully optimize their operations. Businesses employ technology to automate company processes, improve services, and improve customer experience to fully maximize their operations. The study’s findings revealed that the built Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL matched the needs of the respondents and the system’s intended users. The majority of project responders and intended users believe that the developed system has the potential to replace the manual way of courier management, which is expensive and prone to human mistakes.

According to the study’s findings, implementing Courier Logistics Software in PHP and MySQL will give an efficient method of handling all pertinent information concerning courier and shipping transactions. By adopting the system, all of the flaws in the traditional approach will be eradicated, and an electronic method will be used to aid delivery services and enterprises in properly handling client shipping transactions.


Businesses should think about utilizing the established system to replace their manual approach to managing all associated shipping transaction data. Because it guarantees effective courier information management as well as electronic record keeping, the developed solution is highly recommended. Courier firms should use the system to manage shipping transactions for ease, increased services, and client satisfaction.

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