Top 90 Visual Basic Project Ideas

Top 90 Visual Basic Project Ideas

14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics
14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics

A Visual Basic project can be a great way to learn about programming and to practice your skills. There are many different project ideas and topics that you can choose from, so you should be able to find something that interests you. If you are having trouble finding ideas, this article will provide you with topics, example source code and tutorials.

What is Visual Basic Programming?

Microsoft’s Visual Basic (VB) is an event-driven programming language and environment that provides a graphical user interface (GUI). This GUI enables programmers to modify code by simply dragging and dropping objects, as well as defining the behavior and appearance of the objects they are working with. Visual Basic was created by Microsoft. The computer language VB is known for being event-driven and object-oriented. It is a descendant of the BASIC programming language.

Visual Basic 6, the last version of VB, was released in 1998. Since then, VB has been succeeded by Visual Basic.NET, Visual Basic for applications (VBA), and Visual Studio.NET. Visual Basic 6 was the last version of VB. VBA and Visual Studio is the two frameworks that are utilized the most frequently in the modern era.

About Visual Studio

Microsoft’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE), known more commonly as Visual Studio, is a robust and widely used program. It is utilized by developers in the process of creating a wide range of applications, such as desktop, mobile, and web applications. Visual Studio offers a comprehensive collection of tools that are designed to assist developers in becoming more productive and effective in their work.

IntelliSense and Code Completion are two of the features that contribute to Visual Studio’s widespread use and popularity. IntelliSense is a feature that makes it easier for developers to locate the appropriate lines of code, while Code Completion is a feature that makes suggestions for code that the developer has not yet written. The overall productivity of developers is increased as a result of these features because it is now simpler for them to write code.

Another feature that makes Visual Studio popular is its support for programming languages such as C# and VB.NET. These languages provide a comprehensive platform for building applications, making it easier for developers to create complex applications.

Overall, Visual Studio is a powerful and popular IDE that can help developers to be productive and efficient.

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Visual Basic for Application, or VBA, is a version Visual Basic computer programming language that can be used to create custom applications or to automate processes in a wide variety of Microsoft Office programs. VBA enables users to create custom programs and macros to automate tasks in Microsoft Office applications. Macros can be used to perform repetitive tasks or to capture user input and store it in a variable for later use. Our team will also provide topics and ideas on what we can do and develop using the Visual Basic for Application (VBA).

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30+ Simple Visual Basic Project Ideas for Beginners

There are many simple Visual Basic project ideas for beginners that can help them get started coding. Some project ideas include creating a login form; compute the sum of two numbers, or how to capture an image using your webcam. These project ideas can help beginners learn the basics of coding in Visual Basic, and can be used as a foundation for more complex projects. With a bit of practice, beginners can create complex applications and webpages in Visual Basic. The visual project ideas listed below contains tutorials, source codes and we will later provide video presentations that will be posted on our YouTube Channel.

  1. Bar Graph in VB.Net Tutorial and Source code
  2. Barcode Generator in VB.NET Tutorial and Source code
  3. Login System in VB.NET and SQL Server Tutorial and Source code
  4. Upload Image VB.NET and MS Access Tutorial and Source code
  5. Back-Up MS Access Database in VB.NET Tutorial and Source code
  6. QR Code Generator in VB.NET Tutorial and Source code
  7. Webcam Capture in VB.NET Source code and Tutorial
  8. Add and Remove item in Visual Basic 6 ListView Control
  9. How to backup MS Access database in Visual Basic
  10. PDF Viewer in VB.NET Source code and Tutorial
  11. Tree View Control Demonstration in VB.NET
  12. Append Query Demo in Visual Basic and MS Access
  13. Populate Combo Box from database in Visual Basic 6
  14. Upload and View RTF files in Database using Visual Basic
  15. Read and Update Text File Content in VB.NET
  16. Count Number of Words Using Regex in VB.NET
  17. SMS Sender and Notification in VB.NET
  18. Email Sender Code in VB.NET
  19. Visual Basic .Net Populate Textbox from MS Access Database
  20. Visual Basic 6 and MS Access Upload and Print Image in Data Report
  21. Basic Text Editor in VB.NET
  22. Random Number Guessing Game in Visual Basic
  23. Password Generator in VB.NET
  24. Login Form without Database in Visual Basic .Net
  25. Visual Basic .Net How to Change Password Character in Runtime
  26. CheckBox Demo in Visual Basic .Net
  27. True or False Game in Visual Basic 6
  28. How to upload and save picture in database using Visual Basic
  29. Radio Button Demo in Visual Basic .Net
  30. Login Logout Monitoring System in Visual Basic
  31. How to Add and Remove Items in Visual Basic .Net Listbox
  32. Compute the Sum of Two Numbers in Visual Basic .Net
  33. Progress Bar Demo in Visual Basic .Net
  34. Identification Game in Visual Basic 6

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50+ Visual Basic Project Ideas with Database

There are many different project ideas that can be created using Visual Basic with a database. One idea is to create an attendance system where the person will enter their ID number or scan their ID with barcode. This data could include the complete name, id number and any other relevant information. The attendance project could then generate reports such as list of users, attendance report and many more. Another project idea is to create a library system that would cater to the needs and requirements of the library. This application could include features such as book record information, borrower information, book borrow and return module as well as reports required by the library. All of these project ideas can be created using Visual Basic and a database. If you are interested in creating one or more of these projects, then you should consider using Visual Basic and a database to do so.

Database Supported by Visual Basic:

  • Microsoft SQL Server – SQL Server is a relational database management system, or RDBMS, developed and marketed by Microsoft.
  • Oracle – Developed and distributed by Oracle Corporation, Oracle Database is a multi-model database management system.
  • MySQL – MySQL is the open-source relational database that is used as the primary data storage for the majority of the most popular websites, applications, and commercial products. It is also the most extensively used open-source database overall.
  • MS Access – Database Management System (DBMS) offered by Microsoft, and its name is Microsoft Access. It is included with the Microsoft Office program package and makes use of the Microsoft Jet Database Engine.
  • PostgreSQL – Both SQL (a relational querying language) and JSON, a non-relational querying language are supported by the advanced, enterprise-level, open-source relational database known as PostgreSQL.
  • SQLite – is a C-language library that implements a small, fast, self-contained, high-reliability, full-featured, SQL database engine.

The following are the list of Visual Basic Project ideas you can work on together with your knowledge on database systems:

  1. Senior High School Voting System in VB.Net
  2. Attendance Monitoring System in VB.Net
  3. School Event Attendance Monitoring System Capstone Project
  4. Sales and Inventory System in Visual Basic .Net
  5. Attendance System in VB.Net and SQL Server
  6. Nail and Spa Billing System and SQL Server
  7. Barangay Blotter and Clearance System
  8. Computerized Faculty Evaluation System
  9. Enrolment System with Faculty Loading User Interface
  10. Equipment Monitoring and Inventory System
  11. Medical and Dental Record System User Interface and Features
  12. Barcode Based Activity Attendance System in Visual Basic
  13. Library System with Computer Usage Time Monitoring User Interface
  14. Barangay Records Management Features and User Interface
  15. Payroll System
  16. Cashiering and Accounts Receivable and Payable System
  17. Integrated Enrollment with Student Kiosk System
  18. Point of Sale with Decision Support System User Interface and Features
  19. Business Permit System User Interface and Features
  20. Parish Office Computer-Based Record Keeping
  21. Thesis Archiving in Visual Basic and MySQL
  22. Teller’s Queuing System
  23. Visual Basic and MySQL Time-in and Time-out Monitoring System
  24. Furniture Sales and Inventory System User Interface and Features
  25. Voting System in Visual Basic and MySQL Features and User Interface
  26. Toll Management System for Bus Terminals
  27. Canteen Management System Features and User Interface
  28. Educational Quiz Game for HRM Students
  29. Patient Record Keeping with Decision Support System
  30. PE Tools Inventory Management System
  31. Pizza Ordering System in Visual Basic
  32. Registrar Grade Record Keeping System
  33. Student Council Voting System in Visual Basic and MySQL
  34. Rice Sales and Inventory System
  35. RFID Based Employee Monitoring and Attendance System
  36. City Social Welfare and Development Office Data Archiving Information System
  37. Activity Attendance System using Biometrics Fingerprint Scanner
  38. Information Kiosk System For College Activities
  39. Personnel Information Management System
  40. LAN-Based Electronic Medical Record System
  41. Daily Time Record Automation
  42. Billing System
  43. LAN Based Classroom Management System
  44. Activity Attendance System using Visual Basic.Net with Biometrics Fingerprint Scanner
  45. Herbal Plants Information System
  46. Fingerprint-Based Activity Attendance Monitoring
  47. School Management System
  48. Student Assessment and Payment System
  49. Employee and Faculty Evaluation with Ranking and Succession Planning
  50. Dictionary Application in Visual Basic
  51. Cafe Manager in Visual Basic
  52. General Service Office (GSO) Automated Inventory and Monitoring System of Materials and Equipment
  53. Transcript of Records Management System
  54. Enrollment System with Faculty Subject Loading and Class Sectioning
  55. High School Grade Record Keeping with Report Card Generator
  56. Library Book Catalogue Information System

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There are a number of reasons why learning programming with Visual Basic is still a viable option. To begin with, Visual Basic is a very flexible programming language that can be applied to the creation of a wide variety of software programs. Second, when compared to other programming languages, learning Visual Basic is simple. This is especially true for beginners. Learning Visual Basic is a good approach to preparing for a career in programming because it is still widely used in business and because it is still widely used in the industry. Because of all of these different factors, Visual Basic is a fantastic option for both novices and seasoned programmers. So, no matter how skilled you are, you should really think about using Visual Basic as your next programming language.

It is difficult to provide an answer that is applicable to everyone because the best ideas for Visual Basic projects are going to differ from person to person based on their abilities, interests, and previous experiences. Nevertheless, some possible project ideas for students learning Visual Basic could include designing an application for a simple login system, developing an application for a basic game or quiz, or creating an application for a simple database. In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it’s important to have a basic understanding of computer programming. It allows you to be creative and think outside the box to come up with solutions to problems. No matter what project you decide to work on, make it a priority to educate yourself on the principles of Visual Basic programming and to develop interfaces that are friendly to users. If you put in the necessary amount of work, you will eventually be able to develop a piece of software using this widely used language.

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