Login Logout Monitoring System in Visual Basic

Login Logout Monitoring

Monitoring the login and logout of the users of an information system is very important, that’s why we have prepared a sample source code on how to do that. This simple application will record the login time and the logout time of every user of the system and store in a database, the system is also capable of printing the records.

Monitoring the login and logout of the users is only a part of an information system but it plays an important role. Through this system, the administrators of the system may determine who have accessed the system for that certain date and time, thus if an error or trouble occurs in the system, then the administrators can easily trace the user(s) that have accessed during that certain period of time.

The system contains five forms and a report

  1. Splash screen or the start-up form – this is the first form that displays when you start the application.
  2. Login form – this is where the user will enter its username and password to be able to access the system.
  3. Main form – this the form where you can access all of the menus, functions and modules of the system. In this case, the main form of this system has only two menus (User’s Log and Users menu)
  4. Users Form – this is the form where the administrator can add, update and delete a user. This form can be accessed only by admin account.
  5. Users Log Form – this is the form that displays the login time and logout time of all the user of the system. The record that displays in this form can also be printed.

Sample users:

Admin account
Username: admin
Password: admin

User account
Username: user
Password: user

This is also an important project if you are developing a time monitoring of your employees. Hope this example will help you.

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