Billing and Payment System with SMS and Mobile App Support

Billing and Payment System with SMS and Mobile App Support

Billing and Payment System with SMS and Mobile App Support

Project Context

The system aims to improve the flow of billing and payment system, during the weekly fellowship where in the members are called to pay for their specific loans. With the implementation of this system it would be more convenient to the staff and members in making transaction with regard to billing and payment. The project has also a SMS notification and Mobile application.

The members already know the specific amount they should pay every weekly fellowship. The staff will issue a notification if a member does not pay his/her bills on time. If the member will pay late, the staff will adjust the information on the receipt and will add penalty to the member. After the member receives the bill, he/she will give their account number to the staff to record and enter their payment after which the staff will issue a payment receipt.

Purpose and Description

The automated billing and payment system is designed with the aim of improving the flow of new and renewal loans of the members. This system provides security on the record of payment of the member.

The difference with the manual system is that you will record all the payments and balances to the record files, and there is a possibility of the losing files. The system will eliminate the risk of losing the records of the members. The system has a back-up to keep the records safe. If the members lose their personal records, there would be no problem because the company has a record in its system.


General Objective

Automated Billing and Payment System general objective is to be able to provide a secure billing and payment transaction.

Specific Objectives

This project aims to:

  1. To organize files and records through the use of modern technology, specially a computerized filing system.
  2. To develop an accurate and updated or efficient billing and payment system.
  3. To develop a reliable payment system for the convenience of the members and staff.
  4. To conserve time and effort in searching and saving all transaction.
  5. To provide accurate and dependable reports.
  6. To notify the members through SMS and the records can be viewed in the mobile application

Statement of the Problem

Our study had identified the problems in connection with their billing and payment system, these are as follows.

  1. Difficulty in organizing files and in keeping track of the record of the bills and payments of its members because of manual process.
  2. The company had experience a time consuming process in checking the accuracy of members’ payment.
  3. The members experience some inaccurate records of their bills and will take time to check and process again their loans.
  4. The staff also experience inconvenient and strenuous effort in checking the members’ bills and records.
  5. The members had a tendency not to renew their loans due to inconvenient system.

Basic Features

The Administrator of the system will be in charge in the overall process of the system. The administrator has the capabilities to add, edit and view the records of the members. Once the member is already added to the database then immediately it can process transactions to the cashier.

The Cashier will have the interface that would view all the members of the credit cooperatives and process all the transactions in payments and loans of each member. The cashier is also responsible for the releasing of the receipts upon the payments of each member.

The Manager will have also the interface that allows the manager to view all the records of each member including the loans and payments incurred by the members.

Development Tools:

Visual Basic.Net, MySQL(remote server), JQuery Mobile, Apache Cordova, Crystal Report, iTexMo API