Online Information Board System using Express and MongoDB

Online Information Board System using Express and MongoDB

Online Information Board System using Express and MongoDB

As the population of the students grew, the staff could hardly accommodate each department to inform every student about the school’s events and some important information. Because of this problem, we were able to conceptualize a system that would help the students to be well-motivated, informed and updated in the schools’ activities and other important information.

The Information Board System is needed and essential to the operation of the College, because it is a website composed of the latest news, announcements inside the College, including calendar of activities which could be of great help to students who want to know the upcoming events. It was designed to display all the information about College and, is systematically arranged, synchronized and updated. The system also provides a feedback mechanism where students may leave comments or suggestions that are related to the topic upon visiting to the website for as long as they had an account to open it.

Project Context

Different campuses were far from each other causing the dissemination of information to slow down. It was primarily designed for the incoming students and employees of the school. We had found out that most of the students prefer to access the Internet than to visit and read the posted information in the bulletin board because they were fond of visiting social websites like Facebook and the like. We had realized to accomplish this project in order that the reaching out of information to students and employees from the school would be easily possible.

The current system was manual posting of information in the school bulletin board. The proposed system would create a different scenario because the user would automatically post the information in the website with the approval of the administrator of the school. This approval must come in personal to view and consider the information reliable. The Registrar, for example, may release the official list of the students and employees with the approval of the School OIC and Registrar head to the MRC in order to register the official students and employees of the school. They can also give their own personal suggestions and comments about the posted topics that they have seen. This is only allowed for the registered users such as the students and the employees.

Purpose and Description

The Online Information Board system is designed to share and spread the information about the events of the school for the whole year, including the announcements and latest news that are must for the students and employees to know. The system aimed not just for sharing or disseminating but also giving time for the students to prepare their needs and requirements for the activities presented in the calendar because they were informed ahead. It will surely help the students to comply all their requirements in time because these are all posted in the school website.

The system can help the school to easily relay and distribute information to the students. It is more easy to organize the information with the help of this system compared with the old process that was used to be done manually by posting the information in the bulletin board because it oftentimes and can easily be destroyed by anybody. A function to supply feedback mechanism is being provided for the students to create and post their comments and suggestions via the website.

General Objective

The study aims to change the old process of posting information that was manually done by posting it in the bulletin board, into an automated online information board system, to benefit from the fastest way of spreading information technology in order to avoid hassle most especially when there is an important announcement with a deadline to meet. The system has a feedback mechanism to know the comments and suggestions of the users in agreement with the related topic that the website is posting.

Specific Objective                                                                                                                                                                 This system aimed to:

  1. Automate the manual posting of information in bulletin board by an online information board system.
  2. Disseminate information to the students, faculty and staff, and other people who want to know about all events.
  3. Distribute the information about the upcoming events and announcement of the school for the whole year.
  4. Inform the Examinees (incoming first year) on the schedule of entrance examinations, results, interviews and enrollment procedure.
  5. Get the feedbacks of the viewers about the topic posted.
  6. Avoid unreliable information that is being distributed to each campus.
  7. Update every student and employees about the information inside the campus.

Scope and Limitation

This study contains all the information about the school including the activities of SSG and Guidance. It is an online system which displays the information such as the calendar of activities, announcements latest news, the requirements during the enrollment and entrance exam, the mission and vision of the school, and even the personnel behind; like the board of trustees. It also includes the different courses in academics, scholarships and the reference aids that contain vicinity maps and floor plan.

The administrator is responsible in posting information but is allowed only when there is a clearance from the OIC. The Registrar releases the official list of the students and employees with the approval of the School OIC and Registrar head to the MRC in order to register the official students and employees of the school. The system has a feedback feature that will accept any comments or suggestions that were being posted. Our goal is to update each student and employee of College by having reliable, more efficient and effective information.

The limitations of the system are:

  1. Only the administrator can post the information directly to the website but with permission from the School OIC specifically when posting proposed activities. Information that is not approved by the administrator is considered unreliable. This means that only approved activities, events and announcements are accepted and posted on the website.
  2. It does not cover the activities inside the classroom, birthdays and events personally created by a class, or any activity that is not of any of the departments of the school or even the entire school itself.
  3. The user cannot add and delete activities without prior notice to the administrator of the school.
  4. It is not an instant messaging system where the administrator could have a conversation with the users.
  5. The students cannot fully access the website if they are not officially enrolled in the College.
  6. The feedbacks must be topic related.
  7. The system is not a 24 – hour operation.
  8. The users cannot access the system without the use of a WiFi or an Internet connection.