Student Information Management with Decision Support System

Student Information Management with Decision Support System

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The project entitled the “Student Information Management with Decision Support System” was conducted to help the Guidance Office Personnel or the Registrar and the Teacher’s to manage all the confidential records of all high school students.

Student Information Management with Decision Support System would be a system or set up that has a student’s data. The student’s data could be a sort of information from student personal information to grades or drop out reports, just as long as it stored or accessed on a computer. It can help organize data and keep track of the number of the student’s in every school year in a structural way using an information system. A student information system provides teacher‘s and the guidance office or registrar with useful tools to automate the daily routine of simple tasks.

The management of the student’s record provides a framework in which recordkeeping processes can be effectively implemented in order to make and manage record as long as they are needed and provide of decision support of the Information System.

The process of the Student E-Management System is to computerize the manual system of their institution and to make easily for them to search the student record or whatever document they have. Many business processes automatically result in the making of a record and systems should be designed to automate this as far as possible.

Objectives of the Study

The study aims to develop a usable system for the record management of the student in senior high school.

Specifically, the researcher it aims to:

  1. Ensure that no data is lost by making multiple back up of all files and programs
  2. Provide a decision support system in a form of graphical reports.
  3. Provide interface that can make the record management easier by providing

3.1 Input form for the student profile registration

3.2 Input form for student’s grades

  1. Provides reports on the following

4.1 List of the students by section

4.2 Student’s profile

4.3 Grades (Form 137)

4.4 Summary on Drop outs and Failures

System Features

  1. Graphical reports on drop outs and failure by school year and by year level.
  2. Reports for enrolment list by year level and section and male/female.
  3. Provide easy access to search the file of the student.
  4. Keep all the confidential data of the student safe, secured and permanent.
  5. Display the personal information (name, parents, address, telephone, etc.).
  6. User level access.
  7. Computerized the manual process of making a student record such as Form 137 or a permanent record.
  8. To organize data in a structural way.

The features in the Student Information Management with Decision Support System which will help the teacher decide for their students in determining the failing and passing grades of a student or the number of the student failed, drop outs, repeater or outshine in a particular grading period through a summarized graphical presentation.

Those grades and records of the student can be used as raw data to make Form 137 or permanent record for each student. If any teacher needs one, the admin can just print it because so far, the form is manually prepared by each teacher.

For the teachers to access and use the system, first they should have a user account and sign in. It is for security reason and only the teacher and the admin of the school can access the system. The system would be LAN based so that the system would be available in the whole campus.

Implementation Plan

The researchers plan to have this system to be in LAN or in Local Area Network for the registrar and faculty to have an easy access to the system. The first thing they should have to up-grade is their ICT office. It should have a server which will be the one that will manage the sys-tem. Then every department should have a computer which is connected to the main server. Every class advisers should have a user account for security purposes. Lastly, they should have an IT professional which will be in there to guide them on how to use the system and to troubleshoot in case there’s a problem.

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