Fruit Grocery App in Flutter Free Source Code

Fruit Grocery App in Flutter Free Source Code


Almost everything has now been automated. From completing our everyday duties to amusement and leisure, transactions, and other things that we engage in regularly. This research focuses on grocery automation. Traditionally, people go to grocery stores to buy groceries, which is inconvenient. They frequently spend hours shopping for groceries and exert much effort in navigating the supermarkets in search of the items they require. They must also wait in long lines to pay for their purchases, which take a long time. This technique of grocery shopping needs reform, and this is where the technology may help. Nowadays, most people rely on their cell phones for a variety of reasons. Smartphones come pre-loaded with a variety of mobile apps that are handy in everyday life. Apps have simplified several tasks for customers. We can’t deny that individuals nowadays lead stressful lifestyles. Every other person chose the shortest way to perform a task. The study’s researchers advised developing a supermarket application that is specifically built for electronically purchasing fruit foods. The researchers will design the application with flutter, a cross-platform technology used to develop android and ios applications. End-users will be able to buy fruit goods online, making it easier and more convenient. It will not be necessary for them to spend significant time and effort simply going to grocery stores to get fruits. Users who want to effortlessly shop for fruits can easily download and utilize the application.

Introduction of the Study

Today’s technology has made a significant contribution to people’s daily routines and regimens. Individuals’ lives and jobs are made easier by technology. The capstone project, “Fruit Grocery App in Flutter,” is a fruit grocery automation application. Users will be able to purchase fruit from the comfort of their own homes using the aforementioned application. They will only need to download and install the app on their cellphones to browse for the fruit they require and place an order. This is a type of eCommerce platform that is only for fruit goods.

Fruit Grocery App in Flutter Free Source Code
Fruit Grocery App in Flutter Free Source Code

Technology also makes it easier for people to accomplish specialized duties in the home. With great minds designing something only to enable easy and quick performance for that duty to be completed. In terms of fruit grocery shopping, people are still used to visiting grocery stores to buy the fruits that they need. This method of buying requires them to spend time and effort that they can instead spend on other tasks. There is an obvious need to transform the method of buying fruits and this is what the researchers wanted to respond to.

Proposed Solution

As a response to the aforementioned concerns, the researchers of the study proposed to develop an application using the platform, flutter. This application is designed to provide you with information on the different types of fruit that are available for purchase. The application will provide you with a description of the fruit, as well as images of the fruit. You will also be able to see the price of the fruit, as well as discounts if any. The application will be specifically designed for fruit groceries. The application will digitally transform the process of buying fruit groceries. The end-users would only need to browse for fruits in the application, they can add them to the cart or check out. The application will deliver convenience to the end-users. The process of buying fruit groceries will be easy, fast, and convenient.

Objectives of the Study 

General Objective – the researchers of the study aim to design, develop, and implement a fruit grocery application developed using Flutter.

Specifically, the researchers aim to:

  1. To develop an application for fruit grocery automation.
  2. To transition the traditional fruit grocery process to an electronic one.
  3. To allow convenient fruit grocery shopping.
  4. To lessen the time and effort spent in buying fruits.
  5. To empower users with smart means that will aid the process of fruit grocery at the comfort of their homes.

Scope of the Study

This study focus only on the development process of the Fruit Grocery Application developed using flutter. The application is an eCommerce platform to sell and buy fruit. The application will provide convenience to the users. By using the application, they won’t need to personally visit grocery stores just to buy fruits. The application will help them save more time and effort. The target users of the system are grocery stores and their clients.

Significance of the Study

The success of the project is significant to the following individuals or groups:

End- users. The end-users of the system will significantly benefit from the application. They can now conveniently shop for fruits without visiting grocery stores. They will be empowered with an efficient and reliable application.

Researchers. The project will further enhance their skills and knowledge as researchers.

Future Researchers. The study can serve as their basis in developing their version of the application.

The study is important because it will help grocery stores figure out which fruits their customers will buy the most. This information can then be used to stock the store’s shelves with the types of fruit that people like. The study may also help grocery stores figure out which fruit varieties they should keep in smaller amounts, because these products may be more popular with certain customer groups.

Development Tools 

The capstone project, entitled “Fruit Grocery App in Flutter” is an application designed to electronically order fruit groceries. It will make buying fruits, easy, fast, and convenient.

This article will introduce the forms, modules, and user interface of the Fruit Grocery App. Flutter was used to develop the application.

Documentation of the project is available upon request (chapters 1 to 5). Feel free to message us for the complete documentation of the project.

Project Highlights 

The Fruit Grocery App is an application powered by flutter designed for fruit grocery automation. It will let end-users browse for fruits and place an order.

The following are the advantages of the Fruit Grocery App:

  1. Easy Navigation of the business process – records management, customer transaction, and report generation is much easier to process
  2. Records Management – it is a database system that makes the records of orders electronic, safe, reliable, and fast.
  3. Report Generation – the system can provide real-time reports on orders in the store.

How the System Works

This article will explain the forms, modules and user interface of the system. The researchers will explain the features and functions of the system by user type.

List of Fruits – this module will allow the users to browse list of fruit they can buy.

The following information of the fruits is displayed:

  • Name
  • Price per Kilogram

Shown below is the design of the List of Fruits module.

Fruit Grocery App in Flutter Free Source code - List of Fruits
Fruit Grocery App in Flutter Free Source code – List of Fruits

Homepage – this page is where the user will first land when they access the app. Tools and pages are displayed in here to navigate the app.

The image shown below is the design of the App’s Homepage.

Fruit Grocery App in Flutter Free Source code - Home Page
Fruit Grocery App in Flutter Free Source code – Home Page

Basket Page – this page will allow the users to view the fruits they add on cart. In this module, the users will be able to check out what’s in their cart to place order.

The image displayed below is the design of the Basket Page.

Fruit Grocery App in Flutter Free Source code - Basket Page
Fruit Grocery App in Flutter Free Source code – Basket Page



The common scenario in grocery stores is people in queues and walking around in grocery stores. People spend valuable time in grocery stores which is inconvenient. With this, the researchers developed an application that will automate buying of fruits. The researchers developed the application and presented it to the target end-users. The respondents and intended users rated the system satisfactorily for it met their pre-defined needs and requirements. Hence, the researchers concluded that the developed application is extremely useful and beneficial for fruit grocery shoppers.


Based on the significant result of the study, the researchers of the study highly recommend the implementation of the application. The application is strongly recommended for its efficiency and reliability that can be rendered to the intended users. The researchers also highlight the importance of the users to familiarize the features and functions of the system to properly use the system.

The researchers specifically recommend the following:

  1. Grocery stores should register the fruits they are selling in the application for it to reach a wider scope of customers.
  2. People who are fond of doing fruit groceries are recommended to download and install the application for them to conveniently do fruit groceries.

Credit to the developer of the project:

Design was found online, credits to the designer

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