IPO Model Conceptual Framework of SMS-based Salary Notification System

IPO Model Conceptual Framework of SMS-based Salary Notification System

This article is all about the SMS-based Salary Notification System’s conceptual framework.  The researchers utilized the IPO model in creating the conceptual framework.

About Project

The “Online and SMS Based Salary Notification” is a capstone project intended to be used by companies and employees to automate the process of notifying salary details. The application will work by allowing the designated company encoder to encode details of salary and the employees to log in to his/her account in the application and have access to the details of his/her salary.

One of the beauties of being employed is being paid. Employers manage the employee’s salary and are responsible to discuss with the employees the system of the salary and deductions. Manually, this requires paper works. Updates and discussion are done physically and is very time consuming for both parties. Sometimes, there are cases where confusion and complaints may arise due to physical barriers.

To resolve the aforementioned problems, the researchers of this project aim to design and develop a system wherein employers and employees will have a private platform wherein they can provide updates about the employee’s salaries.

Online and SMS Based Salary Notification - Company Encoder Dashboard
Online and SMS Based Salary Notification – Company Encoder Dashboard

Objectives of the Study

  • To design a platform for salary updates.
  • To provide employees an application where they can get updates for their salaries.
  • To let the employers manage and update employee’s salaries.
  • The system will bring convenience and efficient transactions for both parties.

Conceptual Framework/Model Diagram

The study is guided based on the Logic Model Approach to design, develop, implement and basis for identifying and measuring the impact of the utilization of SMS-based Salary Notification System.

Conceptual Framework of SMS-based Salary Notification System
Conceptual Framework of SMS-based Salary Notification System


The goal of this document is to lay out the needs and design of a system that will let employees get text messages when their pay is due.

A lot of people will need help with the system because it needs to be able to send notifications to people in different countries. It will be important for the notifications to be written in a way that is easy for employees to read, and the system will need to be able to handle a lot of messages at the same time.

So that employees can see how their salaries have changed over time, the system will also need to be able to keep track of employees over time.

  • Problem Identification – the respondents of this study will be business organizations. The researchers will study the system of salary notification in the organization. The researchers found out that most of business organizations still manually update their employees in terms of salary. It is therefore an opportunity to the researchers to provide a solution by developing a Salary Notification System.
  • User Requirement – this is the part where the researchers have gathered information on the specific features of the system. It is very important to consider their ideas since they will be the one to use the Salary Notification System.
  • Literature Review – the researchers have conducted researches and studies that are closely related to the propose system. This process will help the researchers in the development of the project or system.
  • Planning and Preparation – this is the part where the researchers will prepare the timeline and scheduled of activities for the entire project.


Identify the features of the system – this stage of the process cycle is where the researchers enumerates the list of features to be included in the system based on the specified requirements needed by the end-users.

Screen layout – the researchers created a wireframe for every features and form design as well. User Interface of the project is the output for this part.

ERD – entity relationship diagram represents the structural data model of the project.

Database Design – the ERD will be converted into the actual database that will be used in the project, in this case the erd will be converted into a sql database.

Use Case – the researchers also prepares a diagram on what are the features the users can access.

Programming/Coding – this is the project comes into life, the project will be developed in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap.

Testing – the project needs to be tested before it will be implemented with live data and information. The system was first tested on a test group of employees. The system was tested for its accuracy and feasibility. The results were satisfactory and the system was implemented for the entire company.


Deployment and Implementation of SMS-based Salary Notification System – the design of the implementation is parallel, which means that the current manual method will still be in use while the system is also up and running. The purpose of the parallel method is to compare the results of the manual to the result of the database system. Eventually the manual process will be abandoned and the full implementation of the system will took place.

People who work for the company will be able to keep track of their pay information with the help of an SMS-based system. Employees will be able to see their salary information after they sign in. This includes their monthly salary, overtime pay, and bonuses, among other things. Another thing that will happen is that the system will alert employees when their salary information has changed.

The system will be put in place in two stages. In the first phase, the system will be used by a small group of employees. After the first phase is done, the SMS-based salary notification system will be looked at to see if it is worth it.

The second phase of the system will be used by a larger group of employees. The goal of this phase is to make employees more excited about their jobs and make salaries more transparent.

Online and SMS Based Salary Notification - Company Encoder Information
Online and SMS Based Salary Notification – Company Encoder Information


  • Centralized information dissemination and communication among users especially salary updates
  • Flexibility of the system features based on the user requirement


Provides up to date information and notification of employee’s salary

  1. SMS-based salary notification system is a web-based application that enables employees to receive their monthly salary notification through SMS.
  2. Employees can login to the system using their mobile number and password.
  3. Upon login, employees can view their monthly salary notification.
  4. The system will also send SMS notification of any changes to an employee’s salary.
  5. The system is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, ensuring that all employees can use it without any difficulty.


This study focused on the development process of the SMS-based Salary Notification System’s Conceptual Framework. The conceptual framework demonstrate the input, process, output, outcome and impact of the system. In the input phase, Problem Identification, User Requirement, Literature Review and Planning and preparation should be identified and determined by the researchers. The process also is consist of Identifying the features of the system, Screen layout, ERD, Use Case, Database Design, Programming/Coding and Testing. After the whole process, the SMS-based Salary Notification System will be implemented and utilized. The project will serve as a Centralized information dissemination and communication among users especially salary updates. This will provide up to date information and notification of employee’s salary.

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