SweldoMobile a Mobile Based Salary Notification App

SweldoMobile: Mobile Based Salary Notification App

The capstone project entitled “SweldoMobile: Mobile Based Salary Notification App” is both a web and mobile application.  The said project allows the organization to disseminate the information on their employees if the salary is already available.

Administrator can access the web panel wherein they can update the status of the salary if it is for processing or releasing. They can also upload the pay slip to their employees. On the other hand, the employees can check and can receive a notification in a form of SMS or web push notification.

SweldoMobile a Mobile Based Salary Notification App
SweldoMobile a Mobile Based Salary Notification App

PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap will be used for the web admin panel. Kotlin or Java is the primary tools for the mobile application. Although the project is responsive web app, the employee can still access the project using their smartphone and browser.


The “SweldoMobile: Mobile Based Salary Notification App” is a capstone project intended for companies and employees to manage and provide salary updates. The application will work by allowing the employee log in his/her account in the application and have access about the details of his/her salary.

One of the beauties of being employed is being paid. Employers manage the employee’s salary and are responsible to discuss to the employees about the system of the salary and deductions. In the manual way, this requires paper works. Updates and discussion are done physically and is very time consuming for both parties. Sometimes, there are cases were in confusions and complaints may arise due to physical barrier.

To resolve the aforementioned problems, the researchers of this project aim to design and develop a system that will fit to their requirements. It is a project wherein employers and employees will have a private platform wherein they can provide updates about salary details. The system will let employers manage and notify the employees about the summary of their salary and the details about the deductions in their salary. The application will display the summary of the salary like month times the monthly payment of the employee. The system will also notify the employee about the amount deducted from their salary to avoid complaints and confusion as to why the salary is not complete. By having this platform, the employers and employee can discuss details about the salary in a confidential, convenient and fast way.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective- the main goal of this project is to design and develop a mobile based application that will notify employees about salary updates.

The specific objectives are the following:

  1. To design a platform for salary updates.
  2. Develop an application that can provide employees an application where they can get updates for their salaries.
  3. Create a project that will let the employers manage and update employees’ salaries.
  4. The system will bring convenience and efficient transaction for both parties.
  5. The output of the study which is the actual application will be subject for testing.
    1. IT expert testing – it will be evaluated by the experts to determine the overall quality of the project.
    2. User acceptance testing – the purpose of this test is to verify if the features of the project was based on the requirements and needs of the end-users.

Significance of the Study

The following individuals or group will benefit from this project:

Employers. The output of the project will help them in giving updates about the salary of the employees in a hassle-free manner.

Employees. Output of the project can provide them an accessible and available platform for the updates of their salaries.

Researchers. The success of this projet will contribute to their knowledge and skills in programming.

Future Researchers. They can use this research paper as basis if they wish to pursue similar study.

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