Electronic Booking System in Visual Basic 6.0

Electronic Booking Check-in Check-out System – It enhances the system to provide faster services in order to increase the business productivity.  This system electronically accepts information of the customers and generates automatically its transaction details such as billing, receipts and income statements.


            This system can help to provide convenient way of entering customer’s data without any delay.  It can have a more secure and private records or files from customers.

  • Encoding of User and their Privileges. Allows creation of user and administrative account to ensure the security of the system.
  • Encoding of Customer’s Information. The system accepts the customers’ information that is encoded.
  • Generate Billing. The system automatically generates customer’s bill from previous transactions.
  • Income statement. The system updates the income of the hotel and records automatically the result of the transactions made.
  • Confirms and cancel reservation. The system will accept incoming reservation requests personally or through telephone and will cancel requests if the customer tells to do so.
  • Settings for the price of exceed persons. The system provides settings for inputting price for exceeds person and will automatically update the changes made.
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