Joomla Tutorial – Joomla Users

In this lesson we are going to learn what the different classifications of users in Joomla are.

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In Joomla there are two classifications of user groups:

Back-end user groups consist of Manager, Administrator, and Super Administrator. Back-end users can create, edit and update content in your site by logging into the administration control panel of your Joomla site.

  • Managers: they have the privilege to access the content in the Backend. They can manage articles, sections and categories but they do not have access to user management and other components of Joomla like installing a component or modules.
  • Administrator: they have access to most of the functions of Joomla except that they can’t modify the site template and global configuration. They can manage users except for the Super Administrator.
  • Super Administrator: all of the functions in Joomla are given to this user group. Only another Super Administrator can modify a Super Administrator user account

Front-end user groups consist of Registered user, Author, Editor, and Publisher. Front-end users can contribute, modify and post content in your site by logging into the frontend or public site of your Joomla site.

  • Registered user: they are the visitors in your site who have registered to access a certain feature in your site like forum and download section. They are not allowed to contribute or post content in your site.
  • Author: they have the privilege to submit content to your site. Their content must be approved first to publish it in the site. They are only allowed to edit their own content.
  • Editor: they are allowed to post and modify content articles.  They are also allowed to modify the content that has not been published.
  • Publisher: they can submit, edit and published content articles
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