Grocery Product Locator Kiosk with Mobile Application

Grocery Product Locator Kiosk with Mobile Application

Statement of the Problem

The purpose of this study is to design a Grocery Product Locator Kiosk with mobile app that will give solution to the problem of the customer in terms of searching a product in a certain Aisle.

In order to determine the importance of having this application, the researchers were able to formulate the following questions:

  1. How can the concept of Android and web programming be used in the field of the digital information dissemination?
  2. What design would best suit for the targeted users and in the functions of the mobile applications?

Research Procedures

This study is over-sighted using the help of SDLC model. In designing “Grocery Product Locator Kiosk”, the researchers take the principle of SDLC. The Systems Development Life Cycle is bearing the methodologies and models that developers use to interact with. It is also the process which is determined for creating information system and other related developing software or application. With the concluding phase of planning, analyzing, design, implementation and maintenance, these are the goal to be succeeded with conformity of SDLC.

Analysis Phase

In the Analysis stage, an in-depth analysis is performed to obtain a detailed understandingof the requirements needed for the application. In this phase, the researchers collaborated to conduct activities such as identifying and analyzing problems, defining and creating objective, determining scope and limitation, and calculating possible problems that we may encounter in the future concerning the system. The deliverables of this phase will be the foundation for all future SDLC phases.

Planning Phase

In this phase, the researchers come to have basis to make this project feasible. “Grocery Product Locator Kiosk” categorizes all the preceding information all about mobility. The researchers cleave with the factual things that should certainly conclude with the subject matter. Boots and other related facts help the developers to cope-up in constructing the ideas for this study. In addition, brainstorming has reiterated to clarify all the point of views of all the researchers that are circling on this study.

Design Phase

The researchers need to create a well-structured database for this mobile application runs smoothly in the latter part of the users. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the application classify the rubrics on how will have an effective interface specially on mobile. The researchers have also included the following systematic flow for the developing process of the application; likewise the researchers define the effectiveness of the storyboard in making the application.

Implementation Phase

The Implementation Phase has one key activity: deploying the new system in its target environment. Implementation proceeds after the system design phase has taken place. In this phase, the researchers executed the plans laid out in the design phase. This is the phase that usually gets the most attention, because for most systems it is longest and most expensive single part of the developing phase.

Maintenance Phase

In this phase involves the changing process for enhancing the application efficiency. However, it also tackles the scarcity found within the scope of using the application. It also concludes the improvement of the efficiency, usability and effectiveness of the application which entails a well-functioned mobile application.


The study primarily seeks to obtain the following objectives

  • How can Grocery Product Locator Kiosk be deployed in an android phone?
  • To analyze the concept of android and website components and apply it in designing a mobile application for Grocery Product Locator Kiosk.
  • To design a user friendly Mobile Application that will accommodate the customers and employees in the Grocery.
  • To solved the problem of locating products in store feel fresh and will certainly useful to lost shoppers.
  • To give solution to the problem of the customer in terms of searching a product in certain Aisle.

Significance of the Study

For its functionality and for its usability with the help of the advancement of mobility, “Grocery Product Locator Kiosk” will help combine the features of mobility and transportability.

To the Company, Not only allow you to reach out to more customers, but it can also increase revenue and sales opportunities as well. It can also improve customer buying experience.

To the Customer, This study can benefit them it can find convenient to visit a kiosk for inquires such as Product Locator, Store Locator, Reservation of order for Wholesaler and availability of the product.

To the Future Researchers, this study will serve as their basis in accessing efficiency through the concepts of Grocery Product Locator Kiosk.

Development Tools:

For the admin part and the kiosk: PHP, MySQL, MaterialCSS

For mobile app: Framework7, Apache Cordova

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