New and Unique Thesis Titles and Capstone Project Ideas for Information Technology

New and Unique Thesis Titles and Capstone Project Ideas for Information Technology

  1. RFID-based Attendance Monitoring with SMS Notification System
  2. RFID Enabled Passport Verification using
  3. RFID Based Animal Identification System
  4. GIS Based Rural Development Planning using QGIS
  5. Cashless Automation System using RFID Based Prepaid Card
  6. Visitor’s Log Monitoring System using RFID
  7. GIS Based Crime Incident Report
  8. GIS Based Information System for Flood Prone Area
  9. GIS Based System to Locate the most suitable areas for planting watermelon
  10. Library Automation Project using RFID
  11. GIS in Precision Agriculture
  12. GIS Based Information System for Construction Management using QGIS

Android/Mobile Based Project

  1. Android Based Attendance Management App
  2. Mobile Based Expense Manager App
  3. Android Based Civil Service Reviewer App
  4. Feedback/Comment System in Android
  5. Fitness and Exercise guide App
  6. Android Controlled Automobile using Arduino
  7. Android Based Voice Operated Home Appliance Control System
  8. Book Catalog Application using Android
  9. Android based Barangay Certification Verification App using PDF417
  10. Mobile Based Event Reminder
  11. Mobile Based CCTV Remote Monitoring App
  12. Android Based Controlled Door Security Locking App
  13. School Events Notification and Reminder App
  14. Mobile Based Tuition Fee Payment App using Dragon Pay
  15. Android Based Unit Converter
  16. Mother Tongue Dictionary App
  17. Offline Elearning in Chemistry App
  18. Mobile Based Temperature Monitoring App
  19. Android Based Common Ailment Remedy App
  20. Android Based Herbal Plant Information App
  21. Android Based LPG Leakage Detection and Monitoring System
  22. Mobile Based Social Networking App
  23. PetDroid: Android Based Exercise App with Pet Buddy
  24. Design and Implementation of Doctor-Patient Interaction System Based On Android
  25. Android Based Year Book App
  26. Mobile Based Clinic Consultation App
  27. Mobile Based Face Recognition App for Attendance and Monitoring System
  28. Android Based Payment System Using QR Code
  29. Advanced GPS Location Finder To Identify Hospital Location and ATM Location
  30. Philippine History App with Admin Panel
  31. Android Based Lending/Borrowing of Library Resources
  32. FratAppMobi: Mobile Based Social Networking App for Fraternities and Sororites
  33. Android Based Electricity/Water Bill Payment App
  34. Mobile Based Personal Portfolio App available in iOS, Android and Windows Mobile
  35. Mobile app Hotel Reservation System with SMS Notification using iTexMo API
  36. Android Based Time Management System for Employers through Finger Print Authentication and Location Geo-fencing
  37. Location Based Reminder Notification App in Android
  38. Electronic Notice Board System Remotely Controlled by Mobile Devices
  39. Bike and Running Trails on Android based on Google Maps API
  40. Mobile Based Reviewer for LET
  41. Mobile Based Real Estate Property Management App
  42. Android Based Tourism App with Live Feed Viewing of Activities
  43. Android Based Pageant Tabulation App
  44. English and Spelling Learning App in Android for Kinder Students
  45. ALAK: Android based Learning App for Kids
  46. Android Based Crime Reporting App
  47. Business Terminology Dictionary App
  48. Android Based Library Book Locator
  49. Location Based Friend Finder with SOS Alert Feature
  50. Android Based Event Planner with SMS and Social Sharer
  51. Your Voice Sounds Familiar – Guess the singer app
  52. Android Based eCart for Cooperative with Admin Panel
  53. Mobile Based Weather Forecast Application using Open Weather Map API
  54. JRDroid: mobile application for Jose Rizal
  55. Video Conferencing App in Android/iOS/Windows using Apache Cordova
  56. Android-Based Class Attendance Monitoring Application using Barcode
  57. Restaurant Locator using Zomato API
  58. Health Care Information Systemusing Wearable Devices
  59. Interactive Museum App with Virtual Reality
  60. Mobile Based ePrescribing App with Admin Panel

Arduino Based Project

  1. Automatic School Gate Opener using RFID Reader
  2. Home Appliances Controller using Arduino
  3. Flood Alarm System with SMS using Arduino
  4. Arduino Based Vehicle Parking Counter with Web Based Console
  5. Door Opener using Fingerprint with SMS
  6. GSM Based Home Security Alarm System Using Arduino
  7. Door Lock using Magnetic Stripe Reader with Fingerprint Scanner
  8. Gas Leakage Detector with GSM Module for SMS Alert and Sound Alarm
  9. Arduino Based Home Automation
  10. Light Control System using Arduino with Mobile Support
  11. Arduino Night Security Alarm With PIR Sensor
  12. Arduino Based Electrical Appliances Control using IR
  13. Automatic Water Tank on and off System using Arduino
  14. Motion Detector using Arduino with SMS Notification
  15. Home appliances controlled by android phone using Arduino
  16. Automatic Plant Irrigation and Monitoring System
  17. Door opener using RFID with SMS
  18. Arduino Based Digital Temperature Sensor
  19. Fire alarm System using Arduino with SMS
  20. Smoke Detector Project with SMS using MQ-2 Gas Sensor
  21. Android Based Water Level Controller
  22. Coin Operated Car Wash System with Income Collection Report
  23. Arduino Based Distance Sensor
  24. Air Quality Monitoring System on Arduino Microcontroller
  25. Arduino Based Mosquito Repellant System
  26. Arduino Based Traffic Lights Control System with Android App
  27. SMS Based Electronic Bulletin Board using Arduino
  28. Android Based IQ Test App with Score Monitoring
  29. Android Based Geographic Information System about Disaster Prone Location
  30. IoT (internet of things): Smart Store using Arduino microcontroller
14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics x
14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics

Web Based Project

  1. Web-based Construction Project Management System
  2. Online Complaint Management and Evaluation System
  3. Web and Mobile Based School Publication System with Forum
  4. Web Based DTR and Payroll System with Android and SMS notification for Employees
  5. Web Based Agricultural Information System
  6. Web and Mobile Based Elearning System for K12 with Student Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
  7. Online Clinical and Administrative Health information Systems
  8. Web and Mobile Based Auction Application
  9. Online Health Management Information System and Data Warehouse using CodeIgniter and PostgreSQL
  10. Online Project Tracking and Monitoring System with Mobile App Support and SMS Notification
  11. Assistive Application for Children with Visual Hearing
  12. Web Based Medical Expert System using NodeJS
  13. Web Based Student Performance System for K-12
  14. Web and Mobile Based Test Banking System with Item Analysis using PHP, MySQL and Framework7
  15. Online Parish Record Keeping System (Baptismal, Marriage Contract)
  16. Online Enterprise Level System Information Management using PHP, MySQL and Material Design
  17. Online Consumer Health Informatics using PHP and MySQL
  18. Web Based Elearning Management System with Speech Recognition
  19. Web and Mobile Green House Management System
  20. Online Faculty Information and Evaluation and Ranking System
  21. Web and Mobile Food Ordering and Delivery System
  22. Web and Mobile Based Entrance Examination with SMS Notification using Twilio
  23. Web Based Asset Management System using PHP, MySQL and MaterialCSS
  24. Web-based Crime Analysis Toolkit
  25. Online School Facilities Inventory and Monitoring System with Barcode
  26. Web Based Outpatient Department Scheduling System
  27. Web Based eCrime File Management System
  28. Web Based E-Logistics For Warehouse Management with Mobile App Support
  29. Online Based Cemetery Mapping System using PHP and MySQL
  30. Web Based Ecommerce System using Dragon Pay Gateway Payment System.
  31. Online Grade Query with SMS and Mobile Support App (iOS, Android, Windows)
  32. Online Banking System with Mobile App Support
  33. Online Kindergarten Learning Courseware
  34. Online Registrar Grade Profiling and TOR Generator System with Faculty Loading and Online Grade Viewing
  35. Online Record Archiving of Soil Analysis Results
  36. Web Based E-Memo for Employees with SMS and Mobile Support
  37. Online Document Tracking System using QR Code
  38. Web Based Time Monitoring System using NFC Smart Card Reader
  39. Web Based Language Teaching Program
  40. Online Accounting and Ledger System using PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap
  41. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) using Microsoft Dynamics
  42. Online Business Franchising inventory and Monitoring System
  43. Web and Mobile Speech-assisted Automated Attendant Systems
  44. Arduino Intelligent Fire Sprinkler System with Web and Mobile Support
  45. Web Based Financial Forecasting and Planning Application

Other Projects

  • RFID Based Project
  • GIS (Geographical Information System) Based Project
  • Medical/Health Related Project Coding
  • Animation and Game Development
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