Herbal Plants and Medicinal Usage Information and Archiving System

Herbal Plants and Medicinal Usage Information and Archiving System

Our system is very efficient and easy to use. It is reliable and has a standard environment for high performance transaction execution. It is a collection of information stored in database.

This study was conducted to develop an Information system of herbal plants and medicinal usage. The system is a big help to respond and to answer the needs of the end users in terms of the scarcity of references and lack of resources for the researchers.

The developed system is capable for storing data and is responsible for quick accessibility and easy retrieval of data and information of Herbal plants and medicinal usage. Prior to the development, the system was designed with search menu options that allows user to view and search information using the herbal name. As it was consulted from the end-user, the herbal plants contains information which includes its corresponding name, local name, scientific name, herbal information. The system presents images in each herbal with assigned label of photo description. It also provides information and basic set of features to add and update certain information available on the database system.

Herbal information is a special type of information dealing with medicinal herbs. It also covers nomenclature of medicinal plants in scientific methods. Common names both in English and local names of herbs and plants. Some topics such as names identification and medicinal usages which may be different among cultures are still problems. A set of images of herbs is a source of sharing knowledge about herb identity.

This system gives an efficient way of managing data for easy retrieval and quick accessibility of information. It also provides an effective means for the compilation of relevant uses, it provides guidance and supports decision to prevent errors and in effectiveness of services.

The implementation of this system is very necessary for this would help the organization, individual, institution and group to create new intervention and health programs that provides accurate and effective source of information.

Furthermore, the system will provide the management a real time records that will be useful and can give a great help.

Project context

The system is an easy-to use and has a reliable performance transaction execution for the collection, storage and management of data in the form of information about Herbal plants and medicinal usage. This gives an efficient way of managing data for easy retrieval and quick accessibility. It also provides a database environment for the proper recording of data, wherein information is being stored in one source which otherwise gives an assurance and security that the data are properly kept and free from data loss. In this system, records were updated and organize based on the user’s need.

The users will use the search button to view the information they needed from the system, the information they needed from the system is of course the data of herbal plants. The system must be updated by the administrator to add the upcoming information of the said study but the user can only view and print herbal plants information.

Purpose and Description

The purpose of the study is to develop an Information System of Herbal plants and medicinal usage.

The system will not require registration processes for viewing the information they need. The user can only view the information using the search button and can only view the photos and videos (if available) provided by the researcher of this study.


This study aims to develop an Information System of Herbal Plants and Medicinal Usages. Specifically it aims to;

  1. Develop an efficient system for quick retrieval and accessibility of herbal plants information.
  2. Provide an organized listing of herbal plants and its usage.
  3. Pave way for the usage of herbal medication through the use of computer based program.
  4. Enhance the effectiveness of herbal medication which has its information in the knowledge base that improves efficiency in decision making.
  5. Assist people in fast searching and identifying different herbs found in their backyard or barrios.

Scope and Limitations

The system can:

  1. Stores and published and common herbal plants
  2. Retrieve detailed information about the herbal plants and usages
  3. Easy to use and manage
  4. Generate lesser time to access data

The system is available in visual basic, c#, php and mysql and android version

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