Information Kiosk System For College Activities


Info Kiosk can make a great way in updating students of any activities of school campus. Now a days, common problems faced by the student are lack of information in updating their different activities. So with the help of this system, the students now are update in an early time of information. Unfortunately, most of the school cannot afford to implement such system in a cheaper way. Preferably, in terms of daily updating of information, an Information Kiosk system can really help for a productive school. That is why this study is conducted to build such systems reliable and cheaper enough to be trusted by the student and school. It would be the best and easy to use this information kiosk system.

Project Context

The information kiosk systems identified in this study were used to provide information for updating student’s activities in every department. For kiosk projects that provides only information. We aim goals in this project: is to manage database for school activities, Provide quick access of information, Give convenience to the user by providing relevant useful information, Create user friendly system. These goals can be accomplished with the help of an information kiosk system. With the system around, you can have complete information for every activity you want to know. Every task can also be performed in a quick manner. With a Kiosk information system, you can have your calendar of activities that can really help updating students. Through this, your ultimate aim of giving exact information can be easily reached.

In changing a new technology are issues that may support or be obstacles to a successful kiosk system. Beyond complete information, the kiosk should include information on student activities and programs. This research showed that most of the kiosk systems can include the ability to inform students and that’s why student have no reason to attend in every programs of the school. From a school perspective, a well-designed interface screen can be an additional user friendly

Feature. A continuous display of updated information about the activity will be provided through the kiosk system at the side of the gate or beside the guard house. The kiosk system will feature other service messages such as emergency information in changing the schedule of activities.

Purpose and Description

The very essence of this system is to automate all upcoming and possible activities, either departmental or whole campus. And the main goal of this system is to give information about student’s activities in their department and in a whole campus.

The study aims to develop the Student Information Kiosk System. In this project, the researchers will have a streamline of the Information Kiosk System to as simple and as user friendly as possible. Speed and reliability of service are also important aspects. The ability to add more features seamlessly is always a handy feature. A Kiosk system that is easy to learn and simple to operate will increase efficiency in terms of giving exact information about the activities and updating programs from different departments and within the .


The study of this project aims to develop a Student Information Kiosk System.

Specifically, it aims to:

  • Manage database for school activities
  • Add, edit, delete activities per semester
  • Provide quick access of information
  • Give convenience to the user by providing relevant useful information
  • Create user friendly system

Scope and Limitations

This system will give exact information about the activities and programs that happened in every different department and within the main campus. Operating speed will depend on how much data is maintained at the kiosk system, and for this kind of system student must know on how to operate the said information kiosk system. Since this system is easy to operate the student can really understand and enjoy by viewing their activities.



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