Online School Documents Processing with Payment System

Online School Documents Processing with Payment System

Introduction of the Study

The capstone project, titled “Online School Documents Processing with Payment System,” is a system use in processing and paying for school documents online. The students can request for documents as well as pay for it through specified online payment system.

Academic institutions keep important documents of students such as student records, student’s school forms, transcript of records and others. Traditionally speaking, students will visit the school registrars to request for a document they needed and make payment. The manual method can consume valuable time and too much effort. This method is inefficient in meeting the needs of the students in securing their documents due to physical barriers and time constraints.

Online School Documents Processing with Payment System
Online School Documents Processing with Payment System

Proposed Solution

To resolve the lapses seen in the manual method above, the researchers of the study aim to develop a system that will ease up the processing and payment of school documents. The proposed system is an online platform of processing and paying for school documents. The system is an efficient replacement for the manual method. The students and the staff in charge will conveniently complete the transactions in processing student’s requirements.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the main goal of this project is to design and develop a platform with a payment system in processing school documents.

The following are the specific objectives of the project:

  1. Output of the system will be used by students to request for their documents.
  2. The system will have a specified payment system that can be use by students to pay for their documents electronically.
  3. The system is an effective platform to process and pay for school documents.
  4. Develop a system that will be efficient and easy to use.
  5. To eliminate and reduce paper work in the office
  6. Design and develop a user friendly application
  7. Complete the development of the system according to the timeframe or project schedule.
  8. To produce a documentation that records the phases, task and deliverables of the study.

Significance of the Study

The following individuals or groups will benefit from the project:

Students. They will feel secure that their records are kept in an effective manner and the system can guarantee that if they need a copy of their documents they can easily request for it and even pay for it electronically.

Registrar.  The system will help lessen their workload. They won’t need to spend a lot of time in processing the documents and the payment of the students.

Researchers. If the project will succeed, this will help them provide more solutions that will eliminate problems in manual ways.

Future Researchers. This project can serve as their basis in their own version of Online School Document Processing with Payment System.

Development Tools of the project

The software that will be used to develop the Online School Documents Processing System with Payment Solution are the following:

  • PHP – scripting language and for the functionalities of the system such as add, update, delete modules.
  • MySQL/MariaDBrelational database management system used to hold the records of the system.
  • Bootstrap – primarily used for the user interface or form design and layout of the system.
  • VS Codetext editor used for coding, programming and debugging.
  • XAMPP – offline package that consists of Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP
  • Pay mongo Payment Solution API – online platform used for the payment module of the project.

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