Business Permit and Monitoring System


Business Permit refers to the procedures followed by cities and municipalities in processing business permits (more commonly known as Mayor’s Permit) which must be secured by businessmen to operate legally in a locality.

Business permits regulate safety, structure and appearance of the business community. They act as proof that your business follows certain laws and ordinances. Requirements vary by jurisdiction, and failure to comply often results in fines or even having your business shut down.

In local government units, Mayor’s Office is the regulating and monitoring division that assesses from small scale, medium and large scale businesses within the area of responsibility. Pertinent laws are implemented to regulate businesses and monitoring is regularly done by the office. However, there are still businesses that operate without proper permission from the authority. This problem is difficult to trace in the mayor’s office lists of businesses that are permitted and not permitted to operate due to the fact that their files are stored in a manual storage facilities. It also observed that, the office has a manual list of corresponding amount of fees per business.

The use of Business Permit and Monitoring System with DSS alleviate these problems. With the system, it will twist and do a little change in processes of securing permits and monitoring businesses. Some features of the system such as registration of the businesses name, types of business and location; it also computes licenses fees. Storage facility will now become reliable and access of data and information will be easier. Moreover, the system can easily track or browse list of registered businesses that license is expired and about to be renewed. The system gives warning and notification for expired business licenses and automatically computes for fines. It has also a capability to compare data graphically, such as categories of business; small scale, medium scale and large scale and make comparisons so that decision makers will have an idea to better facilitate permitting and monitoring procedure. Once, installed and operational, it would be beneficial to the revenues of the city as well as to the business owners of the city.



The Business Permit and Monitoring System with DSS is a system that we implemented in the one stop shop department because they are assigned in releasing business permits in every entrepreneur.

This system is very useful for their process so that the people that get business permit can easily need it because the system can run faster than to their manual process. Some sort of their problem can answer by the systems like having a unique control number. The flow of getting a business permit is secure and they don’t need much process like a big room that full of processes in getting business process. If their many people want to get a business permit the office cannot be over crowded it’s because the easy and fast processing flow of the system.

The title is Business Permit and Monitoring System with DSS we put a Decision support system DSS to help local government unit LGU to be guided of some people who has an expired business permit. The system automatically tracks the business permit that will expire in a period of time.



General Objectives

The study aims to develop a reliable and useful business permit and monitoring system for the Mayor’s Office in order to deliver quality service to the business industries.

Specific objectives

Specifically, the propose system will be able to:

  1. Properly register all types of businesses in the city.
  2. Monitor expiring business permits and give accurate warning and notification.
  3. Reliably store data and information of businesses
  4. Produce graphical reports as basis for comparative analysis on business trends and collection trends.
  5. To have a unique control permit number in order to avoid the duplication of permit number.



This system was developed to provide a business permit and monitoring of different businesses. This system will provide a relevant, effective, appropriate business permit.

Moreover, this system will also provide convenient and efficient monitoring of expired and expiring permits. Also, the system can generate a statement of account for every business applicant but cannot accept payment transaction.

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